Why Explore Philippines First?

If I have the privileged to go far places and travel other countries that would be great! Some Filipinos travel abroad because they want to see something different, wanted to experience others’ culture and tradition, meet people and learn their language, and taste other dishes.
Believe it or not, you can get all these in the Philippines.
We have over 7,000 islands. That means at least 7,000 beaches! We have 110 ethno linguistic groups that have their own distinct dishes, and way of life to witness and learn from. You want to learn and speak a new language? We have 182 of them!
What color of sand do you want? White? Gray? Black? Pink? Take your pick! We got it! If you’re looking for something exceptional, go visit Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga, the place is admired due to its fine pink sand that got its color because of the presence of pink corals there. Do you want a beach where you can party and mingle? We have plenty of those! You can go to Boracay, Puerto Galera and many others.


Do you want to be with other people and learn from their way of living? We have a lot of those! One of them is Bulalacao Island where you can just sit quietly by the beach and start a quiet conversation with the fishermen or mingle with the sun-tanned children playing by the boat; you can also have the enjoyment of interacting with the Mangyans of Hanunuo Tribe and learn about their way of living.

If you’re interested in nature adventure, hiking or extreme sports, we’ve got a long list of selections for you, too! Try to visit the Hulugan Falls, it is located at Luisiana (pronounced as loo-sha-na) also known as the ‘Little Baguio of Laguna’ due to its high elevation and cooler climate like the City of Baguio. The trek there consists of rocks and soft soil with muddy trails near the river crossing. After which you can either take the long and winding trail down to the falls or take the straight downhill path. Mostly it will require you to walk with the presence of bamboo, wild grass, and towering trees. What an adventure! Hulugan Falls will entwine you in her magic making you care less about how tiring it is to reach her.

We have lots of promo fares and affordable accommodation all over the country. Cebupacificair.com has bi-weekly promos; Philippine Airlines has weekly, while Air Asia never runs out of cheap fares to take you all around the country the entire year.
Here in the Philippines, everywhere you go, locals will offer free food, coffee, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. It is their pleasure to have a visitor to stay with them and they will not ask for anything! Some would even give you pasalubong to bring back to your home. I have witnessed how really hospitable the locals are during the time when I was working with my documentary project back in college days.

My group mates decided to feature the The DEAF Inc. school which is 7.5 km up from the nearest barangay of Cavinti, Laguna, a home to students that provides free education in all levels of learning, including an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, these people are really accommodating reminding me that Filipinos especially those who are living in the rural areas still value positive Filipino traits like hospitality and “bayanihan”. Exploring the Philippines will not only help us learn more about our national identity and appreciate nature but it also helps in creating jobs for the locals who aren’t so blessed with sufficient source of income to feed and educate their children. If you and thousands of other Filipinos explore the Philippines first, you can definitely help our farmers, fishermen and other jobless kababayans. 

Wouldn’t it be just a great habit to keep exploring your national identity, discovering the abundant natural resources we’re blessed with, and helping our fellow Filipinos thrive at the same time?
Every trip within the Philippines, whether it be the next barangay, next town, province, region or island is rewarding. There will always be a different culture or subculture, language or dialect to feed your curiosity with.
Think of a place you want to explore in the Philippines. Search the web. There’s a lot of blogs available to guide you on how to get there, where to eat and stay, what to do and what to expect. Subscribe to transportation and hotel sites like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines or Air Asia. Pack your bags and just go. Be with yourself. Be with your people. You’ll feel great afterwards.

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