Why do some women love bags?

For some women their bag is a multi-tasking device that combines the virtues of practicality and utility: along with showing off personal taste, it suggests a certain economic affluence and acts as a splash of the childhood security blanket.

Bag was part of the changes brought about after the First World War and the growing freedom of women, for whom carrying a bag became a sign of individuality and importance. Women had their own cash and bank accounts, not just depending on their partners and have their own keys to their own property and cars — and, they wanted the world to know it.

For some women, a new bag is allowing them to become the best and most competent version of themselves. Just add a smartphone, perhaps some headphones, a small purse, cardholder, and a cosmetic pouch and given their visibility, a bag is like shorthand for conveying individual style. 

To sum it up, why do some women find bags a necessity? Why do some women are so in love with bags? It’s partly because they’ve become a distinctive statement of a woman’s status, fashion perception and earning power – and the rising popularity of bags over the past years has followed the increasing social independence of their possessors. Hundred years ago, a woman’s role was largely domestic and she would keep her belongings in a purse tucked into the folds of her clothes. But as women started leaving the home, both for leisure and work, bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions. The right bag can make them feel more than just being a way of carrying things around. It also represents something deeply private to its owner.

An iconic bag owes its status not to clever marketing strategies, but to the finest traditions of lineage, quality, and craftsmanship to look as good decades later as it did the day it was first worn. And, for a true bag-lover, that is almost beyond price.

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