What Can I Get Out of My Bag? – Bags as Treat and Investment

Women has a number of responsibilities, we are obliged to manage our homes, our romantic lives, our families, our careers, our physical appearances and fulfill the expectations of those around us. And because of that, I believe we all deserve a treat every time we accomplished something or we think we deserve.

Even if you have the world’s most thoughtful partner and family, you’re going to have things that you need to attend to yourself, and that includes occasional indulgences. There’s a lot of things about adulthood that suck such as paying your bills, jobs, commutes–so you have to take some time to occasionally enjoy the things that you think you deserve like ordering yourself a new bag.

Bags are not just a treat. In a landscape of stocks, bonds, property and more, designer handbags may not seem like the most obvious way to diversify your investments, but they’re certainly worth taking a look at.  While people invest for different reasons, those with collateral to burn often buy designer handbags for a fairly fast return of investment. The harder a bag is to buy, whether that’s because it is part of a limited release or simply more expensive than its competition, the more sought-after it becomes.

Investing for a bag is also not about buying for the current trends. Instead, it begins with considering your budget, doing your research, and listening to your gut. 

According to Business Insider, handbags can be considered as “wardrobe investments” or “financial investments”.

Wardrobe investments are clothes or accessories that might have a higher price tag but what you can wear for years and years and that way justify the high price. A financial investment means putting your money in a bag you believe to increase in market value, and sell it later with a profit.

“Investing in vintage luxury handbags can be an extremely lucrative investment, but like all investments, research is necessary. For those looking to make a first designer investment that will retain, or even increase in value, we always recommend a classic Chanel bag. According to data, the retail prices of these bags increase anywhere between 4% and 25% each year, so if you are able to buy a vintage version and take good care of it, you will almost definitely make a profit if you ever chose to sell.” – Liisa Jokinen

Yes, objectively, most bags will not be valuable assets. But, there are a few brands and certain bags that consistently retain their value such as:

  1. Hermes (the Birkin and the Kelly)
  2. Chanel (the Classic Flap, the Boy Bag, the Re-Issue)
  3. Louis Vuitton
  4. Celine (the Luggage Tote)

While most of these bags are widely produced, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel in particular have an impressive reputation in the handbag world and have created some truly loved silhouettes. While Hermes, the Birkin and the Kelly can make large profits on the resale market because it is rare to be offered a B or K, and finding one in your preferred color, size, and hardware is additional challenge. For Chanel, even though most the iconic styles are more available, recent price increases have generated some collectors to look for older or more vintage pieces.

Nevertheless, if we can’t always see our bags as a financial asset, we can definitely view them as valuable.

Purchasing a finely crafted, worthy quality bag is an extraordinary moment, and some people love to showcase their new possessions that they worked hard for through their community in social media accounts and other ways of showing reveals.

For some, even if their bag may not gain in value, it will still be definitely a long-term staple. At the end of the day, everyone has their favorite pieces they cannot resist, and most women find bags to be simply useful and beautiful.

According to world pulse, when we can’t numerically value our bags, we can also consider “investment” in a different sense:

Investment (noun) –

a devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something

What we want to “achieve” with our bags may be something different every time. Maybe you want to find the perfect everyday bag, a crazy statement piece, or score that elusive, limited edition bag. Whatever the circumstance, you don’t have to justify your bag in terms of money. A price tag is arbitrary, but your bag can tell a story in your journey. Invest in what you love and what adds value to your self-expression!

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