Ways to recycle wedding materials

Your wedding is through and done, but what will you do with all the invitations, souvenirs and all that is left in your wedding? Recycle.

Most of the couples used to keep or throw the wedding materials after the memorable event, little did they know there are ways to not just keep the wedding materials but in a more crafty way recycle those wedding materials.

We have enlisted on how can we recycle wedding materials and be of use in our everyday life.

The wedding dress: Brides do cry when they purchase the dress of a lifetime and tells a story of their adventure finding it, but after being awed by families and friends what will you do with the awestruck wedding dress you have. Recycle the wedding dress.

First, you can stuck it in your cabinet and lay it for ages hoping it can pass through your daughter’s or lucky enough your grand daughter’s wedding and witness a teary-eyed wedding ceremony. It can preserve all the memories you had in your wedding ceremony and can be helpful in choosing out your daughter’s wedding dress.

Second, you can make it a quilt. If your crafty enough and wants to have your wedding dress to be with you at all times, cut out the pieces and have it hand sewed to make out a quilt that can comfort you at night and on rainy days.

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Lastly, make it a pillowcase. Fabrics that your wedding dress are made can be altered and be a pillow case that cold accent your living room or your bed rooms, it can help you remember about your aisle walking while lying on the pillows to have a good night sleep.

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Invitations: You just printed out hundreds of invitations and apparently there are dozens of it left.  Let your wedding invitation be recycled.

First, you can make a paper mache out of it forming on the way you want it such as bowls, flower vases and center piece if you are creative enough.

Another alternative is if you have purchased an invitation that is unique, you can use it as pen holders if it’s like a bamboo styled invitation.

Finally, an origami. Learn from you tube tutorials on how to do an origami, string it out and have it as a chime to put in your doors or windows.

Souvenirs, props and other materials:

The wedding coordinator had just given you out all the materials they had just used for your themed wedding and there are lot of clutter to be considered, you cannot just throw it away because of the money you had just spent with.

Again, recycle those wedding materials. For the souvenirs, decorate your souvenirs and have it displays in your living room or you can post your pictures with it for you to be reminded of the special day.

Another recycle wedding idea is to use those props such as pails and canisters in making an organizer or plant on pails make your garden at home.

Letters that used to spell out your initials as a couple can be reused by decorating it with a washi tape, having it painted with flashy colors or covered with magazine pages have it hang and make it a chandelier to add unique style in your home.

Try out these suggestions on how you can recycle your wedding materials to preserve the unforgettable event and unleashing the creativity in you.

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