Title: 10 Commandments Of A Crafter

Being a crafter is not an easy feat. One has to have certain skills and perspective to make it through each craft. Whether you are already a certified crafter or on your way to being one, here are 10 commandments to guide you in every project that you do.

  1. Thou shall be patient.

A craft project can last as quick as 3 minutes or as lengthy as a few days. Always remember that a good craft takes time. If you need to wait for 5 minutes to let your project dry, do not touch test it if the time for it to dry has not passed yet.

  1. Thou shall look at things in a different light.

A desolate individual can see an ordinary milk carton once he drank up all the milk. A crafter will see a pencil holder, a planter, and an organizer from a single carton of milk. If you cannot push yourself to think creatively, it is always best to see things in a different light, and the project will come to you.

  1. Thou shall do crafts with care and love.

A crafter does not simply do projects. Excellence in crafts can only be achieved when they are done with care and love.

  1. Thou shall select materials based not only on price but also of quality.

Expensive does not always mean better. A good crafter will look through flea markets to find the best deals.

  1. Thou shall schedule time on crafts.

Timing is everything to make good use of the things you make. You cannot DIY a winter glove on a summer. No one will be interested in it. Scheduling your crafts is a great way to let a lot of people enjoy the fruits of your creativity.

  1. Thou shall make friends with other crafters.

Creativity thrives in ideas. If you are finding it hard to develop an idea, maybe it is high time to connect with other crafters. Join groups and learn from each other to constantly upgrade your crafts.

  1. Thou shall influence others to be creative.

A crafter is like a star in this world. He/she gives light and makes any scene appear cheerful. As a crafter, your projects should spark the creativity within others.

  1. Thou shall enjoy doing crafts.

You know what the secret ingredient is in doing crafts? It is smiling while doing them. A smile can go a long way. It is the thing that makes every craft extra special.

  1. Thou shall ensure safety in the craft zone.

Never ever leave your tools lying around. Anyone who is near your work area might get caught up in an accident. Surely, you neither want anyone to touch your tools nor anyone to be injured because of them. Place your tools in a secure place every time you are away from your workplace.

  1. Thou shall always help a fellow crafter in need.

Sometimes, because of the intricacies of a project, a helping hand is always necessary. To return the favor, always help a fellow crafter too. Collaborations lead to better results.

Always remember these 10 commandments and you will be on your way to be a certified, 100% crafter in no time.

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“A legal researcher, a blogger, and an adopted Targaryen. Mirriam makes good use of her two degrees, BS Development Communication and Juris Doctor, with her kick ass hobby and job. When she’s not in front of the computer, she’s probably out gulping caffeine, reading a book, or walking on fire. Ok, maybe, not walking on fire. She can’t do that; she’s adopted. Do check out her blog: https://mirriamdictionary.wordpress.com/ to know more of her adventures.”

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