Things to Consider in Starting a Laser Engraving Business

I always tell this to myself –let this idea sink in your head: you don’t have to follow the traditional career structure of an education system, maybe that’s the reason why I am not a fan of going to school, I tell myself that maybe I really do not need an impressive resume, climbing the ladder at a 9-5.  Believe that in God’s time, you can do it yourself!  Once that idea was placed, I started to notice the small businesses surrounding me. Every time there is a chance, there is a moment in which opportunity knocks, I pounce!  And go for it enthusiasticallythe businesses, may it be a physical business or selling my skills. It isn’t just my job, it’s my way of life, purpose with passion. And yes I need to be smart, be competent, to network, and to be responsible!  I’ve tried a lot of business for years now.  The knowledge I have acquired learning and executing, I consider them all treasure, I am the type of person who loves to study. Continuous learning, I’m always up for it!

One of the businesses that I am in love doing now is laser technology, it’s a collaboration between Whichcraftph and YTLWeddings. Laser technology and tools have generated a number of business dreams of global makers and DIY users. Laser engraving machines has helped many business owners perform their career dreams, a laser tool that can engrave on or cut through a wide range of nonmetals by  merging the user’s design and laser technology. The laser engraved business is now extended on every area of people’s lives, such as furniture, souvenirs, decorations, invitation cards, ad boards, industrial manufacturing and so on.

In general those who boom most in this business are those who are creative, sales-oriented and innovators, those who are thinking outside the box.  

In creativity: Yes, there are lot of things you could engrave, but laser engraving business owners must always be on the lookout for the next big thing.

Selling your service: Potential customers may not realize why engraving services are a much sought-after commodity, which means you must be passionate about the service you provide. And it doesn’t stop at just selling the service, because  you must make others passionate about the results you can produce.

Always innovate: When it comes to engraving, there’s much to be said for thinking outside the box. If you find yourself seeing new items and envisioning their engraving possibilities, this business opportunity could be a great one for you.

How to Start:

Study and do a lot of research.

When the knowledge is limited, your business will also be limited, which means you won’t have the opportunities you can have with some education. You should learn how lasers work, the attachments needed for various applications, and what software is compatible with your laser engraving machine.

Know your budget.

You have to know your budget and decide if you will rent or buy. Some people prefer to rent, make and save their profits, then invest in a laser engraving system. Consider renting if you have a tight budget so that if your laser engraving business doesn’t work out as you planned, you won’t be trapped with an expensive equipment that decrease in value and you can’t recover your money.

Consider the space, location, and products.


Ensure you have the work space to operate a laser business at home.


It’s always important to supply to your audience, which means knowing your demographics.

Products: Study your target audience, which depends on what products you’re offering. Customized gifts, corporate awards, and wedding souvenirs are just a few niches in this industry. There are a number of options on what to offer. Make sure your products are unique so you will have a higher chance to rank higher when it comes to market competition.

For products inquiries message us thru our Fb Page: Whichcraftph Services. For collaborations message us at Whichcraftph.

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