The Tragic Love Affair Between Branches and Leaves

The leaves are starting to fall and I wonder if they chose to leave or the trees just let go.

Maybe they’re called leaves because it’s what they’re good at.

I wish you’d never told me you loved me. It would’ve been easier to wonder why you didn’t instead of why you stopped. I wish you’d never held my hand. It would’ve been easier to forget your touch, because every time I see my hand, the pain keeps on repeating. I remember your hand holding mine, and all of a sudden, you’re slowly losing your grip, one finger at a time. It hurts to know that the one I absolutely love, leaves me. It hurts worse that all I can hear is the words in my mind of you saying “I’m never leaving, I’m here to stay”…as you walk away.



About the Author

Yjah Yves is the Assistant Manager of Posche Models International. She started writing short stories when she was 13 summers old. Yeah does not only write in her diary, she also writes novels. She is actually just a bunch of butterflies wearing a dress. Visit her writings on Instagram: @dreaming_yjah and blog site:

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