The Mystical World of Doctor Strange

The Marvel Universe just can’t stop giving us treats. Last November 2016 it got even more magical and mystical.

The addition of Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch just made it more exciting. For those who do not know Doctor Strange, he is a fictional superhero who appeared in Marvel comic books created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. Yes, they are the same people responsible for your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.  No wonder he’s amazing hahaha. He is the protector of the Mystic Realm using the Mystic Arts he learned form then Ancient one who was the guardian of the Mystic Realm before him.

Before he became a Mystic arts practitioner he was an acclaimed neurosurgeon. Probably the best his field when it comes to the universe where he is existed. A tragic accident happened that changed is life forever. His car crashed injuring most of his body parts causing a severe damage to his arms.

As we all know a surgeons arm is as important as their brain because these are the two things they use to save lives. With no immediate cure he set out to find all possible way to cure himself until he finds himself traveling to Nepal looking for a place called Kamar-Taj.

There he met the Ancient one who opened his eyes to another world he never taught existed. His arrogant self neglected it at first but in the end he realized he is learning its ways already. The movie is full of spectacles and amazing graphics but the story is as Mystical as the graphics so it’s worth your time and money. I’m even buying the DVD once it comes out. The two after credits are the icing to the cake. Seeing Thor speaking to Dr. Strange is a teaser for the upcoming movie Thor: Ragnarok while the other one is a preview of something more to come for Doctor Strange.

The movie didn’t only amaze me but it also taught me a lesson. We sometimes become too proud of ourselves because of the knowledge, wealth or fame that we have but this should not be the case. We should always be humble. We should always think that there will always be someone wiser and better than us and that all these talents we have isn’t something that we can own. It is given that can also be taken from us. Make sure to use these talents for the good of many not just our own.

In case you didn’t realize it we have two Sherlock Holmes now in the Marvel Universe. Robert Downey Jr. who played as Sherlock Holmes in the movies and now playing as Iron man and Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the same role in the BBC Series Sherlock. Watch the series as it would be interesting to see them or their characters interact with each other or see them in the same frame side by side. More to look forward to for the upcoming Avengers movie and also another challenge to the DC.

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