The art in letters

Letters are amusing. Art has always fascinated me since I was a kid and I love scribbling letters on my notebooks. This is why when I discovered the art of lettering back in mid-2015, I fell in love with it immediately.

I’ve been doing the craft for more than a year now and I could say my improvement  has been huge. I entered this hobby without anything – I do not have a spare journal, let alone brush pens; I only had my Candy School Planner, an old sketchbook, and ordinary sign pens. It was really challenging at the beginning because the passion is there, but the right materials were missing. The hype for lettering and calligraphy was also not that high yet, unlike now. I began my lettering journey without anybody (aside from my boyfriend who has been so supportive of me since the beginning) I could share the same burning desire to be better with this particular craft. I only work with the aid of the internet and my scrap materials.

Then, I discovered Abbey Sy. I’ve seen her before with her old blog and shop, but when I re-discovered her, she’s different now. Her impact on how I have developed as a letterer was compelling, and since I was so keen to become better with this, my boyfriend gifted me her book. I also bought myself new materials like cheap brush pens and blank journals, and a friend of mine has given me a watercolor palette for my birthday in 2015 because she saw my passion in art. Since then, I continued creating lettering pieces.

Here are some of my works:




                                           Here are some of my pieces when I was just starting:







                         This is my very first hand lettering. I remade it just to see my improvement



                                                                               (2015 Version)



                                                                                 (2017 version)


Besides lettering, I also paint, sketch, do creative planning and journaling, and bullet journaling:








I usually post these on my Instagram account and on my Facebook page but sometimes, I also blog about this. I was a timid budding artist before, with a gleaming dedication for this craft, and after more than a year, I could say that the results for all the hard work I have contributed to make this dedication grow into something has been pouring. I’m thankful for the friends and family who believed and still keep on believing in me and my work. Without them, nothing is possible. Of course, Jesus is my ultimate inspiration because He is the provider of everything that I have now.



About the Author

AJ is a Journalism graduate, a Social Media Assistant for The Philippine Star, a freelance online writer, an aspiring artist, and a planner and journal junkie who dedicates her life and her passions to her Savior, Jesus Christ. For more information, please browse on her blog ( and Instagram account (

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