5 Non-Beach Summer Vacation Ideas You Should Try

In just a few more weeks, summer vacation is here! If you are someone who couldn’t stay long in the beach because of the intense heat and salty water, then you have come to the right place. We have listed five summer vacation ideas that do not involve any water in it!

With these summer vacation ideas, you can now keep those bikinis in your closet and create an all-new definition of summer this season.

  1. Museum Hopping

With the short summer break that you have, you can brush up your culture and arts knowledge by going to museums. Instead of beach backgrounds for your Facebook profile picture, you’ll have artworks and artifacts as backdrop. The best part is, you don’t need to go far or shell out huge amounts for a vacation like this. The National Museum, located at the heart of the metro, welcomes visitors of all ages with no entrance fees. You have two buildings and numerous galleries to visit which will surely feed your imagination and creativity.


  1. Road + Food Trips

Road trips while discovering hidden restaurants can be an amazing option for a summer vacation idea. This could be a spontaneous date with your significant other, with your friends, or family. Being on the road for a short or long time can spark conversations and bring you closer than ever.


  1. Attend enhancement classes

You must have a certain skill that you would need to improve and this summer can be a great time to get this done. Go take Calligraphy, photography, money management, writing, or other classes that you are interested in. This summer vacation idea will not only make your summer fun, but productive as well.


  1. Take on summer jobs

If the reason why you couldn’t go to the beach involves your finances, then taking on summer jobs is a great idea. You can apply to help out in a local café, do some writing gigs, create digital art, or any task that you can offer.


  1. Volunteer

Since the holy week is in summer, you can extend help in your church or participate in outreach programs headed by non-government organizations. You can meet new friends by doing this and you can make your summer vacation very meaningful.


Indeed, having an enjoyable summer doesn’t always have to include the beach. There is a wealth of other summer vacation ideas and activities that you can do which wouldn’t only create good memories but can also enhance you as a person. Enjoy!

About the Author

Peng Desuyo is a 26 y/o nurse, writer and pursuer of dreams from Manila, Philippines. The best way to describe her is that she is intellectually curious, frugal, and a family-oriented person. One thing that’s weird about her is that she can be outgoing one moment and then be completely lazy the next. Her interests include reading, writing, stocks investing, and travelling. Get to know her more by visiting her blog, www.pengandpaper.com

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