Start Your Day With A Positive Quote: DIY Quote Tote Bag

Quotes are popular these days, you can always see it posted on social media networks, almost everyone use them especially those people who are constantly in “hugot”. Love, Inspirational, Funny, and so on, quotations are really popular to some as they may be using it to describe or add meaning (I do that often, lol)….

Occasionally; a quote can motivates people. For example, I use a quote and it reminds me that I must do something challenging everyday to improve myself. Quotes are great because they are so flexible and I think they can be used to relieve, to give views, encourage, or just to have fun.

Speaking about quotes,  I remember this DIY Quote Tote Bag project from a former classmate but I wasn’t able to ask her the instruction on how to do it! I thought it’s probably been done so I ask Mr. Google for help.

Let me share to you what I found.

DIY Quote Tote Bag:


blank tote bag,

leather strips (about 1″x23″),

scissors or a seam ripper,

letter stamps,

and fabric paint.

  • Remove the existing straps with a seam ripper or pair of scissors. Sew the cut leather strips onto the outside with a sewing machine.
  • Pick your favorite quote—Write it out so you have a reference.  Brush the paint onto the stamps and begin stamping your quote.
  • Let the paint dry and you’re all done!


Quote is an expression of people’s feelings when they can’t figure out ways to express themselves. Starting a productive Monday with this DIY Quote Tote Bag! Spreading good vibes only!



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