Things that we can learn from Son Goku

As a child I have always been a fan of Japanese animation and American cartoons. I know we all share this fascination of becoming that favorite hero of yours or having the same powers they have. But have you ever come think out of those heroes you watched and idolized who would be your favorite.

I have a quick answer. “Son Gokou.”

You might wonder why but I do have a few reasons why I kind of think he is the most powerful warrior in the animation world.

First, his perseverance, he doesn’t know when to quit. Never knew when to give up no matter what the situation is. He takes every challenge as an opportunity to get better.

Second, He sees good in everything and in everyone. If you have followed the series from the very start you would noticed that most of his allies were his rivals before. From Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Piccolo to Vegeta and even Majin Boo.

There was even one situation where in his friend Krillyn was about to kill Vegeta while he was escaping from earth but he stopped him. Giving Vegeta to live another day and have the opportunity to face him again. He even wished for an evil Buu to be revived as a human being thinking that he can one day become a future champion of earth.

My third reason. He has a pure heart. He is kind , too kind that he even lend evil Freeza a part of his life force to give him a chance to live. That is weird if you think of it. Freeza killed his father, his race, and his friends and even tried to kill his son then in the end he still gave him a chance to live. That is pure kindness.

Fourth reason, he works hard, and man I mean hard. He trains everyday as if it was his last. He understands the weight of the whole universe is in his hands. He never slacks off knowing that there is always that chance he will meet someone more powerful than him. He never looked at himself as the best. His humility gives him the drive to always do his best to outwork and outdo himself.

Lastly, he loves his family and friends. He would lay his life for them. Always pushing and giving everything he got to protect them not caring what would happen to him. In the cell games, with his son in danger in the hands of Cell, he jumped in the battle without hesitation and use his instant transmission to bring an exploding cell to the spirit realm so he can save everyone for being killed by cell even though it also mean he has to die. That’s what you call a hero.

We have our own favorite heroes. It’s not that bad to admire and still watch them at your 30’s because you can learn a lot of good lessons in them. So even if you still admire them today, as long as it reminds you to always be a better person, I do not see anything wrong with that.

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