I was trying to compose a poem
for the perfect lady that I’ve known

but no words come to mind
to describe the love that she has shown

so the following words may not be enough to magnify, the emotions  I’ve been holding on

She’s an epitome of a perfection
no one can come, even close to comparison

She makes me feel enthralled
just by looking at her smile

She makes me excited
with every little thing she says or does

She made me felt the love
every woman would be envious of

She reveals the wildness in me
the seductress that’s been asleep for so long has come out

She makes me happy
just by listening to her laugh

She makes me feel contented
knowing that I have her for life…

About the Author

Athennie Ubias. Chief Operating Officer of WhichCraft Web Magazine. Book Lover. Born to Write. Princess of All Trades.

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