Saying YES to a Wedding Website

A wedding website is a great way to develop a  sense of excitement in the build up of your wedding.

Setting up a personal wedding website is simple and easy. Wedding planning is an emerging and promising business industry of today, and as the technology advances, weddings are compelled to cope with these changes, too.

This is why it is now recommended for couples to set up their own and personal wedding websites or “wedsite” for convenience, but the existence of this kind of website is not much known yet. With this, it is beneficial for us to understand the benefits of setting up one for your special day.

  • Wedding websites can help trim down the costs of the wedding because these can help the couple to save extra money from printing out wedding invitations. With online invites, not only money would be saved, but time for everyone as well.
  • As we live in the digital age, everything has been transported online and wedding invitations is not an exception. More people are busy so it is understandable that they prefer receiving notices in the most suitable way possible – that is to say, through online.
  • Wedding websites can also give out the feeling of “personal” touch. A couple may be able to maximize the customization option that websites can offer, and this may bring a better and closer experience for them. Far from the traditional way wherein colors and texts are the only flexible ones that can be customized, wedding websites can provide more settings for the couple. Additionally, these websites can also be a home for more (and even) unlimited photos for and of the couple.
  • Easier management is also included in the benefits list of wedding websites. A couple will have the capability to manage their guest list – send out invitations and receive RSVPS directly. Management and customization can also go hand by hand with customization because wedding websites can also help a couple to create a database of their guests that is suitable for their personality.
  • Lastly, wedding websites are flexible. This is a practical reason why it is recommended nowadays for couples to have their own wedding websites. If there are changes regarding the plans of the wedding – like time, date, venue, or weather updates – it will be easier for the couple and their guests to inform each other. Changes in the details of the wedding will not be much of a problem now if a couple has their own website. It also saves more time and pain for everyone involved in the wedding.

Technology surely is helpful for everyone if we use it right, and wedding websites can be a great gift for a couple who awaits for their special day.

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AJ is a Journalism graduate, a Social Media Assistant for The Philippine Star, a freelance online writer, an aspiring artist, and a planner and journal junkie who dedicates her life and her passions to her Savior, Jesus Christ. For more information, please browse on her blog ( and Instagram account (

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