S.I.L.A. Vol. 2 : My Introduction to Saxophone

When we talked about saxophone the first thing that comes into our minds is classical Jazz music or lounge music. My first experience with saxophone was back when I was a kid. A neighbor of ours would play Kenny  G. almost every day.  It wasn’t that appealing to me that time but it got me thinking on how can an album be made without anyone singing. I really thought I was listening to minus one. It wasn’t ordinary to me that time because it was not the trend that time.

My first appreciation with the said instrument was when I got hooked with the band South Border. For me they are one of the bands if not the first to really showcase the kind of blend of music you can get with a saxophone. It was such a great mix especially how the saxophone is used to enhance the other instruments and how it really blend well with a falsetto voice of their vocalist then Mr. Brixx Ferraris and the same with Luke Mejares and the duo of Vince and Duncan. It is the same kind of vibe my other favorite band Freestyle did to their music. As a music lover and also a frustrated musician it kind of made me interested on how it works but as I looked at it , it was more complicated than a guitar.

Fast forward October 12, 2019 I was given a treat when my wife brought me along  as she was invited to watch S.I.L.A. (Saxophone Idols Live in Action) Vol. 2 concert in Resorts World Manila. This was a follow up concert to the first one held in Music Museum last November, 2018. The event was headed by Sax FasTrack C.E.O. Jaybee Javelosa. Eat Bulaga’s Music Idol grand Champion Josh Espinosa. Youtube sensation  Marc Vincent Dimayuga a.k.a. SaxSerenade. The beautiful and amazing Ms. Nicole Tejedor and Mr. Archie Lacorte who is also one of the U.S.T. Conservatory of music faculty member who played alongside International artists such as Kenny G., Peter Cetera of Chicago, Stephen Bishop, John Ford Coley and local artist like Sitti Navarro and Ely Buendia. We also got to hear Dr. Joben Abraham, Christian Chiu a.k.a. XT on Sax, Ronn Kenneth Bailon, Ms. Glenda Cagadoc, and the SaxFastrack First Class. It was a breath of fresh air.

They played not only their rendition of some classic songs but also gave their own flavor of some recent popular songs. I love Josh Espinosa’s version of Halik by Aegis. If you have been amazed how the band Aegis did it you would say Josh version on his Saxophone is as exciting as it is the original. People were left breathless. SaxSerenade’s Araw Gabi performance is as soothing as the song is. I think he got my wife’s heart . I was impressed but at the same time a little “jealous”, kidding aside, because I think my wife was so into him the whole night haha. Dr. Joben Abraham truly cured our sickness that night without performing any surgical procedures as he captured us with his soothing  take on the song “Bukas na lang kita mamahalin “Ronn Kenneth Bailon also mesmerized us with his take on APO’s hit song “Yakap sa dilim”. Also enthralled with Ms. Glenda Cagadoc’s “Can’t help falling in love” . I admire Ms. Nicole Tejedor’s Janet Jackson jive for a Michael Jackson hit “The way you make me feel”. Sir Jaybee Javelosa’s take on Air Supply Classics  “Now and Forever” and “I can’t live” really made us sing to it. Mr. Archie Lacorte brought the house down when he fired us up with his take on “Play that Funky Music” by Wild Cherry. He also got the crowd engaged making us sing to the song. He shared the spotlight with SaxSerenade and also gave the spotlight to their supporting band members to showcase their own talents. I also love that they showcased new talents coming from their Sax Fastrack First Class. They showed their talent by taking on a not so easy hit “Huling El Bimbo” by Eraserheads. You will also see collaboration from them. One that really struck me is when Josh, Sax and Jaybee did their take on the Miley Cyrus hit “Wrecking Ball”. These guys are no joke. There were lots of great performances and our page may not be enough to list them all. One thing is for sure, I would definitely ask for vol. 3.

I had a blast and I did enjoy the night. I would definitely recommend  it for those who has not seen this kind of concert yet. I would like to thank Ms. Saralee Joy Abesamis of SLAM Event Production for tagging Whichcraftph as we are sincerely thankful for this wonderful experience. To the whole group of S.I.L.A. you made us dance including our 5 year old kid. You also made our soul sing. If someone asks me if an instrument can sing I can say yes it can try a saxophone. Haha!, after that night I added the saxophone as part of my favorite instruments besides the guitar but I am not sure if I can learn it, that is why I salute you guys. I hope you continue to inspire more people and spread the message how talented we Filipinos are specially in music. I will surely patronize their next round of performance.  I know it is going to be a blast. You could say I am now a fan.

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