Pro Makeup Artist Grynne: On finding your Craft in Beauty

“For a Makeup that doesn’t overpower you, but Empowers you.”

Grynne Bejarin, a professional makeup artist from Quezon City tells us her journey from dropping her career as a nurse and following her dream job when she found out that her craft is in beauty. She started her business, Grynne and Makeup, in 2013 as a side gig but now she collaborates with Ms. Universe Maxine Medina’s stylist on her most recent prenup job.

Tell us about Grynne and Makeup

Grynne and Makeup is the product of my love passion for beauty. This is where I help and make women (and men) feel and look their best, professionally.

You’ve been in this industry for 3 years now. Wow. What were the early days of your career like?

During few months after my makeup school, I never really thought that it will become to what it is today. I was doing it for fun, for the love of helping women feel and be beautiful using makeup. I can still remember doing it for free or for x-deals at the beginning. I was not really thinking of the profit since I am doing what I love to do which is making women beautiful and feel good about themselves. I remember doing an avant-garde makeup for 14 people then, makeup starts at 2 o’clock in the morning and we must be done by 6 am. But I never complain. I am more happy and proud of myself because I could finish their makeup on time.

I see it is a lot of hard work. Now, how do you see your career in 5 years?

Well, I do not think of the future too much. I live in the moment. And right now, I am happy and feel so blessed that God gave me a job that I really enjoy. I cannot say that it is easy because penetrating in wedding industry seems to be really really tough. Specially nowadays that there are a lot of artist that is way better that I am. It is not easy at all, but as they say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I was a nurse before and I never planned nor dreamt of becoming a Pro makeup artist one day, it just happened. I don’t know what the next five years has to offer but I am excited and I will prepare myself for that, whatever that is.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from my family and loved ones.


Who are some of the people that inspired you and drives you into motivation throughout your career?

The person who taught me a lot of things about this makeup thing, who always believed in me even I don’t believe in myself is my teacher, Ron Peña.

My closest friend/sister in the industry, Say Santayana, who helped kicked start my career as a Pro makeup artist. She pushed me to be the best that I can be.

And all my clients who trusted and keep on believing in me and in my capabilities. They inspire me to be better in what I do.

From being a nurse to a professional makeup artist, when did you know that your craft is in beauty?

I have always been an admirer of beauty, specially beauty of a woman. I think that when you look presentable, you are being responsible to yourself because it shows that you take care of yourself and more importantly, you know your worth as a woman. I love the beauty of a good and healthy hair, beauty of clear and moisturized skin. And to achieve this, takes a lot of hard work but it is all worth it.

If I have friends or relatives who doesn’t have a good skin or hair before, I research for them and try to give them advice regarding their situation. Also, I cut, curl or even rebond my friend’s hair back in college. Kulang na lang parlor or spa.

I don’t put makeup then, but I never leave the house with a bad hair day. I remember waking up 2 hours before class just to blowdry or curl my hair. Di bale nang late basta maganda. But really, it all started from my love of beauty, because beauty, just like knowledge, is Power.

Speaking of beauty, what are the three tools in your make up kit that you can never, ever be without?

All the people closest to me knows that I can’t leave without lip and cheek tint. It’s my insulin so they say. Sunblock and oil film.

In 3 years in this business, what has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Biggest challenge to date was (true story) carrying all my makeup stuffs to 5th floor without elevator.

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