Pretty Gelli, her dreams and the influence of K-pop!

What is K-Pop anyways?

K-pop“, short for Korean pop or Korean popular music originated in Korea. It is a musical genre that consists of a variety of other genres such as electronic, hip-hop, rock and R&B music. Although the contemporary form of K-pop music emerged during the 1990s, the advent of this music phenomenon goes way back. Modern-day K-pop has been the product of decade-long cultural blending that started during the 1950s.

We can say that there are three(3) factors that make K-pop such a noticeable and distinctive contributor to the realm of pop music:

1. remarkably high-quality performance (especially dancing),

2.  an exceptionally refined aesthetic,

3. and an “in-house” system of studio production that shakes out musical hits the way assembly lines stir out cars

Over the years, Korean pop or K-pop has become enormously popular in the Philippines. We can hear it almost everywhere now. It highly influences our present culture no matter what age or gender. We interviewed one K-pop supporter to further understand why younger generations are hooked with the trend.

Name:  Maria Angelica Ogardo

Age: 21 

Star Sign: Virgo 

Hails from: Valenzuela City 

Things you do in your free time: Travels, taking  selfies, playing with my cats and watching Korean dramas and movies. 

What’s your mantra?

Choose happiness.

1. For you, what is KPOP?

It is a music genre and they are a BIG star for me. 

2. How did you know about KPOP?

I saw them on YouTube! They are so cute and very talented. 

3. How did you come to love the Genre?

To be honest, they are versatile and can slay any genre. 

4. Why do you love KPOP?

They can choreograph and produce their own songs, all members can sing, rap and dance really well. They are also cute, funny, nice and good looking and most of all my stan Blackpink can speak English! 

5. What are your fandoms? 

Blackpink, Momoland and Twice.

6. Who is your ultimate bias?

Jennie Kim from Blackpink because she is so gorgeous, talented, inspiring, and sexy. 

7. What is your ultimate fandom?

Only Blackpink. BLINK!

8. How is it being a fangirl/boy? Is it hard? Why?

Yes, most likely if you don’t have a money to go to their concert. There are also some people who will call you weird, talking bad things about being a kpop fan. They think that all we do is follow them and not having our own lives.

9. Did you buy items, merchandise, or albums?


If yes, could you state the items/merchandise you’ve already bought?

Blackpink photos, jacket and lightstick.

10. Did you ever watch any concert of any KPOP artists live? and If yes, what group or artist? If no, why?

No. Sometimes I can afford the ticket however instead of using it to their concert I would rather use it for travels. One of the reason also is most of the kpop concerts won’t allow you to touch the artist or to take a selfie with them. 

11. If you are given the chance to meet and greet your ultimate bias, what would you do and give to them? 

I will give them big hugs and tell them that Filipinos really loves them so much and I will give them a bracelet with their name on it. 

12. How does KPOP inspire you? 

Honestly, Blackpink really inspires me a lot!

I love their vibes and fashion. To Lisa who left her country, her home to be the woman she is now. I am inspired because just like Lisa, I am also a pursuer of dreams. I am so proud of her for having a talent that truly amazes me. She also spent too much time with her cats and I love cats too! I’ve been dreaming of meeting them someday. I will continue to give them all the love and support that they need.

Other interests that you want to share?

I love going to beach even though I can’t swim very well, I love to see the sunrise and sunset by the seaside and getting a good dose of vitamin sea.

I am also a cat woman who loves playing with my 3 cats named Gary, Leo and Nana. Sometimes whenever I get stressed I go to play with my cats and it’s such a stress reliever. 

How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Maybe having my own business in Siargao and be able to travel the world. 

Do you have any social media accounts you want us to follow or anything that you want to promote?

Yes! You can add me on FB, Angelica Ogardo or you can follow me on Instagram strawberrygelli_ and let me take you to a place that you’ve never been before. 

K-pop artists undergo years of training and mentoring before they debut. Their talents and skills are very evident in their music videos and are further proven by performing the same (or even better) in their live performances. We cannot deny that Filipinos are really into Korean culture, not just K-pop but K-dramas too, as well as different products and food. It’s very important to remember that some people might not have the same interests and we shouldn’t shame them for supporting (or for not supporting) the same stuff. Whether you’re a fan of K-pop or not, we can all concur that they are absolutely talented and committed to their line of work.

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