Learn Perfume Business from Chemworld Fragrance Factory

Launching your own perfume business isn’t that challenging if you know what you’re getting into beforehand.

Aside from wearing our own favorite scent, we Filipinos also love to occupy ourselves in  looking for an entrepreneurial possibility with the prospective for big profits and a perfume business is a good place to begin.

Good thing Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s mission is to help potential entrepreneurs be financially independent by giving quality training, complete and affordable supplies, and guidance in perfumery business.

Chemworld Fragrance Factory Starter Kit Package costs P3,500 and with this you can make up to 80 bottles of 10 ml perfumes and 30 vials of 2 ml perfume that can generate up to P7,000 in sales. They also have the Premix Starter Kit for those who wish to start with pre-mixed Eau de Parfum solutions which are ready to bottle and sell. For just P4,000 you can make up to 138 pen bottles of 9 ml perfume and 15 vials of 2 ml perfume.



Beside business you can also use their wide selection of perfume bottles & boxes, fragrance & essential oils and raw materials for personalized gifts.

They have bottles in different shapes and sizes.

I love the shape of their sexy Victoria bottles. Perfect gift ideas for debut, weddings, or any occasions.



So many nice bottles to choose from



This 35 ml heart-shaped bottle is perfect for this month


Their wide selection of perfume bottles & boxes, fragrance & essential oils and raw materials are also perfect for personalized gifts. They have cute bottles in different shapes and sizes.




Visit Chemworld Fragrance Factory’s website to know more about their products and services. You can also follow them on their Facebook fanpage for exclusive updates:

Chemworld’s Promos for February:

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