Passengers: A Movie Review

When I first saw the trailer, I thought it would be just one of those chick flick movies again. But since it’s a sci-fi movie, I got interested (I have this fanaticism when it comes to sci-fi movies J), so when it opened in theatres, I immediately drag my girlfriend to the move house to watch it.

We didn’t see it in 3D, but I bet it would be better there. Nevertheless, I was amazed, not just because of the effects, but mostly because of the story-line. I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

The movie started in showing the star-ship Avalon on its voyage to Homestead II. Apparently, migration to a different planet, light-years away, is already a major business in the future. And the price to migrate is not cheap. There were 5000 passengers and 250+ crew aboard the ship, all sleeping in their hibernation pods. The star-ship encountered asteroids along the way and it affected some hibernation pods. Since it’s an intelligent star-ship (mind you, no one’s running it, everyone’s set to sleep for the duration of 120 years until it reaches planet Homestead II), it auto repaired the damaged hibernation pods, except for one, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a mechanic. He woke up thinking that he has been asleep for the past 120 years and will be arriving Homestead II in 4 months. But he realized the next day that he was all alone in the ship, except for an android named Arthur (bartender), everyone’s still asleep and it will be another 90 years before they reach their destination. He tried everything to open the cabin crew, studied how to put himself back to sleep in the hibernation pod, but to no avail. He got devastated, feeling all alone, helpless and always drank himself to sleep, until one day Arthur told him that he should live his life and enjoy. So he opened one of upper class cabins and made it his room (he is a lower class passenger) and enjoyed. But it never lasted, after a year he almost killed himself by going out of the ship, but he was able to stop himself and when he got back in the ship tripped on a bottle and saw Aurora Lane’s (Jennifer Lawrence) hibernation pod when he stood up. He immediately got attracted to her and searched about her on the starship passenger files. He always go to her pod, talk to her until one day he learned how to open the hibernation pod and he got a crazy idea to wake her up. He actually did and got Arthur to promise him not to tell Aurora that he was the one responsible in waking her up.

Aurora Lane woke up same as Jim before, unaware and questioning what’s happening. Jim told him what happened to him and told her the same thing happened to her pod. At this time, the starship is showing some malfunctions, but they just ignored it. Aurora is a writer from New York whose plan is to travel to Homestead II, write a novel about it and go back to Earth after a year. A very brave plan as when she gets back to Earth she will be in a new century with new people, everything’s gonna be new, whereas all the passengers of the Avalon’s plan is to stay in Homestead II and build a new life and world for them to live in.

Eventually, Aurora accepted their fate and just went along with the flow, they had a good relationship and became lovers. Until one day, on the anniversary of Aurora’s awakening (haha!), she learned from Arthur that Jim woke her up. She got devastated and got furious at him, not even wanting to talk to him, she felt murdered. They were like strangers living in small world that is Avalon, which is falling piece by piece, malfunctions are happening everywhere, robots are failing.

Jim tried everything to apologize to Aurora but to no avail. One day, one of the crew members woke up, Gus Mancuso (Laurence Fishburne), which proved another failure of the ship. He said it has never happened before and he has to check the pods and they have to locate where the damage is originating to fix it, as literally they are inside a sinking ship. At this point, I was joking my girlfriend that we were actually watching the modern version of Titanic, hahaha!

Gus’ hibernation pod made damage to his body and his organs are already failing even before they found where the damage is in the ship. He gave his ID to Jim and tasked him to locate where the failure is coming from, and asked them to take care of each other regardless of what Jim did to Aurora.

After Gus died, they located the damage inside the engineering room, in the reactor room, an asteroid punctured the walls of Avalon 2 years ago, during the time when Jim woke up, and made damage to the reactor room which grew and grew and eventually might blow up the ship. Jim tried to override it but he has to do it manually, so he went out and asked Aurora to pull down the switch once he is outside. However, he must stay outside and keep the door open, which might cause him death. Very Titanic at this point, especially when Aurora said to Jim “No! If you die, I die.” With enough persuasion from Jim, Aurora pulled down the trigger which fixed the reactor but Jim got blown out outside of the ship and his cord snapped. He’s already losing oxygen and already said goodbye to Aurora, but Aurora saved her, she was so braved in saving him, he was already dead but she placed him in the AutoDoc and resuscitates him. Of course, he lived! Or else I’ll be so mad because I’m a sucker for happy endings. Hahaha!

Avalon was fixed and everything’s back to normal. Jim found out that the AutoDoc can also be a hibernation pod because it can lower down the metabolic rate of a person, he told Aurora she can go back to sleep using the AutoDoc. But since there’s only one, Aurora did not want to go back to sleep alone. She chose to be live a happy life with Jim despite of whatever circumstance they went through.

After 88 years, the crew woke up and saw the ship, they were astounded as the ship is now like a forest, there’s trees and plants everywhere. And they listened/read Aurora’s novel after they were long gone, telling how they lived their life happily in the Avalon. Closing credits.

I was actually having chills while writing the last part, I don’t know but this movie really made me teary eyed towards the end. Aurora was never happy on Earth that’s why she chose go to Homestead II, as told by one of her friends in a farewell video, and her friend wished her good luck and if ever she found happiness, to accept it, embrace it, regardless of what form it will be. Which actually happened to her, she wanted to have a life and she had the most amazing life in the ship with Jim. In the movie posters, there’s a tagline which says “There is a reason they woke up”, my girlfriend has a logical explanation for why Jim woke up. Avalon is an intelligent starship and since it knew based on the records that Jim is a mechanic, it did not repair his hibernation pod so he will be able to fix whatever is wrong with the ship. Makes sense, right? As for Aurora, of course she woke up because of Jim’s selfishness, but as what Gus said “A drowning man will always try to drag you down with him”, which is so true but we can’t really blame Jim, he’s only a human being and living alone is unbearable. Nevertheless, it ended well for both. J I would leave everyone with a quote from Aurora Lane herself “You can’t get so hung up on where you’d rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you are.” Be happy, wherever you might be. J

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