17-year-old Emmanuel Bagual is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for children’s rights.


“Capable of initiating change, helping others and creating hope” phrases that inspire Emmanuel
“M” Bagual of his present day advocacy.

He was raised believing that it is normal for a child to do jobs aside from getting a formal education
for his parents do menial jobs as a driver and a laundry woman. These situations push him to
pursue his education and to take jobs to finance his education. However, because of
discrimination in the classroom, he had to conceal his identity. He had to project himself as a
person who is able to afford luxury. But soon after he spends his savings, he recounted feelings of
guilt as he could have spent in on food or saved for his education.

A life changing moment came in when M met Efren “Kuya Ef” Peñaflorida Jr. where the latter performed for a grade school graduation in March 2004 and was stunned by Kuya Ef’s speech for the grade school graduates and joined later soon the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) whom he is now the Chief Executive Officer. Soon after M founded M.Y Rights, a nonprofit organization that aims in ensuring the protection of human rights, particularly the youth. M.Y Rights is under Club 8586 which Penaflorida’s Kariton Klasrum is also included. M’s fighting for youth’s human rights is challenging and life threatening as he receives death threat on his mission to protect the right of others but it does not hinder him to continue and help others.


Emmanuel Bagual in action.


In his young age at 24, M should be pursuing his career and landing
on a dream job but he chose to be an advocate of protecting the
rights of the children and pursue “a paradigm shift” on parenting in
every child in Cavite City. As his advocates continues he has been
acknowledged and recently nominated as among the top five finalists
in 5th Children Peace Prize and also a nominee for the Nobel Peace
Prize for children’s rights.



Passion and commitment are M’s driving force of what he achieves and the help he has extended
to the people. Nothing and no one can hinder M in achieving his vision as he has been supported
by the joy of the people he helps. May we be also called to inspire to pursue of what we believe in,
it may be reaching out to help others, pursuing a childhood dream or doing the things we would
die for to do. Chase the things we dreamt of and at the end of the day we would be rewarded by
the satisfaction it brings no matter how hard it seems.

Inspire and be a catalyst of change.

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