Beauty Queen Mafae Yunon­-Belasco is the embodiment of the word “world peace”. She spends her precious time mothering her beautiful and good natured ­children, tending to her husband, and managing talents.

After winning major titles and taking the crown in the Miss Philippines Australia pageant in 1998, she set out to the Philippines to join Binibining Pilipinas where she won the Miss Philippines World title and was flown to China to represent the Philippines in the Miss World 2003 pageant. Out of 100+ countries she placed top 5.



All these achievements are easily forgotten once you met her. The beauty queen’s actions and warm personality makes people feel they’re hanging out with a friend. Her spiritedness and good character are really admirable. Mafae is more than a beauty. She makes a difference in every people’s life that she encountered.

I salute Mafae for her admirable advocacies. They are precisely what our country needs. The people need to be mindful of opportunities to make something for themselves and using the assets, talents, and gifts they have at hand and develop it to be more productive. Then, observe how their humble fruits develop even more and help others in the process.

This indoctrinates self-discipline and goal orientation. Genuine advocacies like hers in this world are really empowering and humbling at the same time. Let’s get to know her a little bit more in this interview:




What is your Parenting Style? Reasonable and Nontraditional. Easy going, putting myself in my children’s shoes but firm when needed. My priority is to make my children happy and learn new things all the time. Even in the simplest form of their lives. My husband and I believe on being truthful always with our children, and of course, give them information that is suitable for their age.

Your Favorite Bonding Activities with kids? We love to play games whether card games, video games, bingo, board games, educational games and sports. We also love to travel and hike. Anything that involves us, being together, we enjoy.

Favorite Bonding Activities with your husband? Eating (lol) we make it a point to have Date Night every week. Even if it’s at home just the two of us in our room having a meal. We love to watch movies and visit beaches.

Favorite travel destinations with family? We love to visit our family in California and Sydney or go to beaches around the Philippines.

Any household rules to discipline your kids?

  • No cell phones and gadgets during meal times.
  • Morning and evening prayers.
  • Chores and school work done first then the rest of the day are free time.
  • Your actions speak a lot about your character so we teach our children as life passes us, using examples of others situations or our own and even what we see on the news.
  • Experiences are the best lessons, so we make sure our children know how it feels. For example; to speak in front of a crowd of people. It helps them build confidence and self esteem.



Time + Productivity = SUCCESS

Most treasured object

Rosary and Wedding ring

Beauty regimen

Sleep! 8 hour sleep each night is a must! Drink water consistently. All these help your inside and it will show on the outside. Also exercise! As simple as choosing the stairs over the elevator.


  • Spending time with my family
  • Playing Tennis
  • Reading the bible daily verses each morning (best coffee fix each day)
  • Meeting new inspiring people.

Favorite makeup/beauty products.

Anything from Happy Skin 😉

Favorite quote

“If you have a big enough WHY, you will figure out the HOW!”

What are your pet peeves?

  • Negative vibes
  • Excuses
  • Gossiping
  • Laziness

Favorite books

Bible, Anything inspiring

Favorite movie of all time

Sound of Music, Ghost, Grease, Harry Potter, Notebook, 21st Dates

Your mentors/role models in life

  • My parents,
  • my husband,
  • my children ,
  • and my friends that have supported me through this journey of life.



Can you tell us about Mafae Management?

Mafae Management is a company dedicated to empowering individuals and working together in making dreams come true in both the entertainment and public relations industry. Personally, I want to learn everything and know everything. I am the type of person that needs to enjoy every second of the day learning. Of course the saying ‘Jack of all trades master of none’ is something I do not want to be known for so in turn I combined my passions. Empowering talented people and learning their expertise through helping them succeed in their chosen career paths. Mafae Management was then born.


Challenges you have faced when you first started to established the company. How did you overcome it?

Trial and error pretty much. Having to deal with different personalities and attitudes, which I have years of training being a mother, so it was an advantage to have the motherly instinct. I would also have to add that the challenges I experienced as lessons on how to do things better. Starting was never a question to me because when I put my mind into something I make sure it’s done no matter how hard to achieve it. “Never take no as an answer” mentality is what I have. All I know is that being passionate about something and keeping the faith plus hardwork, will pay off no matter what. And, number one is RESPECT. Respecting yourself, others and the universe. Overcoming, like I mentioned is taking challenges into life lessons. Time does not stop for anybody so life goes on and face it, then, fix it.

How do you see your company 5 years from now?

In 5 years, I see my company evolving to international growth. Having an office in BGC and collaborating with big established companies. I will also have a strong team behind my company who will have the same values as I do, which is empowering others to succeed.

From all your achievements, do you still have a dream for yourself?

You never stop dreaming, I never stop because I believe life has no limits. Most especially with God! It’s your mind and your inner self that you have to challenge each day. Once you are able to make them work together then everything will be easy.

Your advice for dreamers and achievers?

Write down your goals, aspirations, bucket list and attract them, leading by example. Surround yourself with a community or support group that thinks and feels the same as you do. Pray and have faith with God. Respect yourself and the universe.

Events that you would like to promote.

I have yearly events that are close to my heart, givebacks of Mafae Management:

Shoot for a Cause ­

This is where my talents of makeup artists, photographers and stylists volunteer on having a one day shoot for families and individuals for a payment per layout and the beneficiary is the Philippine National School for the Blind.

Junior Preneur ­

A one day event where we teach the value of money to children. They are the ones manning their booths, negotiating selling, earning, investing and donating. We partner with a different beneficiary each year and we empower the children to donate any amount from their earnings from that day.

You can visit her site for more updates about her events and advocacies at:

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