Meeting with one of my Mentors on Events: Manam + Fairmont Lounge, Makati


Reminiscing on how I discover my potential at the events industry started last year. It was October of 2018.

My first initial meeting with Slam Event Team was a blast as we gather agenda items throughout the week, then organizes our discussion. Headed by our Founder, Ms. Saralee Abesamis together with Demi and Rample we plan work for the week ahead, synch up with what others on the team are doing, and make sure that we’re on track to accomplish our goals.​ 

We head on first at Manam, Home of the best sisig in Manila, Manam specializes in serving up Filipino food in classics and twists, perfect for any occasion. A homegrown concept of the Moment Group of Restaurants PH, the Filipino-themed restaurant is highly rated and recommended by top food and travel sites.

The place has a good modern interior but is lack of comfortable spaces, not a friendly place to conduct meeting. Also, the room temperature was not as convenient as it may be. Other than these, I would say that this a such a wonderful place!

Since it was Sunday, what  the team wasn’t able to anticipate was the number of people and even if the orders were taken ahead, it still took minutes before the dishes started coming in.   In terms of serving size, they are categorized as SingleMedium and Large. Single for 1 person, medium for 3 and large for 6. ​​

After few little chats, the dishes  already arrived.  Presentation is impressive and the foods we have tried really make us say “sarap” over and over.

Overall, I am rating this place 90%  and definitely will be a repeat customer here in Manam. Maybe, I would try the foods to their other locations.

After our dinner we continue our meeting and discussions with a coffee at Fairmont Lounge, Makati for Slam Event Production’s projects courtesy of my mentor and humble team Lead, Ms. Saralee Joy Abesamis.

Fairmont Lounge is also an ideal destination for business discussions, and have some relaxing drinks at the end of the day.

A cup of Espresso would always be my favorite for the almost “walang tulugan” moments

One lesson that I will never forget about Ms. Sara is to always count your blessings with gratitude no matter how small or big they are, and stop letting your lacks blindfold you from noticing how blessed that you are.

Overall, all that is happening are blessings given to us to learn from. We learn from mistakes and we believe that there is really no such thing as coincidence. Always be grateful to the people who contributed for your growth. Collaborating with SLAM Events Production and getting a chance to know Ms. Sara made me realized that whatever your passion turns out to be is a combination of what you’re into, your circumstances, and what happens to fall across your path, added to what you decide to spend your time on, and what you’re willing to take risks to do more of. Mostly, it comes from what makes you feel happy, and that might be a personal sense of fulfillment, but it might just as well be how much you can help other people. 

Team whichcraftph would love to know your story, of finding out the things that you love to do. We would love to get in touch with you for collaboration.


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