How to make a crochet flower hair clip

Do you already have gifts for your cute little nieces and goddaughters? If you don’t have gifts yet, fret no more. These pretty little flower hair clips would surely make them smile. The great thing is you can make the flowers in just a few minutes and then glue them onto the hair clips.

A couple of things to remember before you start:

1. A larger hook size and thicker yarn result to a bigger project.
2. Use bright colors for a simple pattern to make it more fun and interesting.
3. Yarn weight is important. This refers to the thickness of the yarn. One way of determining the
weight of unknown yarn is by using wraps per inch (WPI). For example, if you got leftover yarn or
bought one skein from a yarn sale, just get a ruler and wrap the yarn around it. The number of
wraps you can make in one inch is the wraps per inch. For example, 12 WPI is equivalent to 8
ply (worsted weight, medium weight) yarn.

This video will have you crocheting a flower hair clip. It is an easy to follow training.

                                            Jayda In Stitches

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