Lost in the midst of Treasures of the Century: HARRINGTONS LIFESTYLE AUCTION & SHOWROOM


Have you traveled back in time? Have you dreamed being lost in a place full of old furnishings,
marble tables, teacups and pots with peculiar design, and the painting seems really superficial and
sculptures are like the ones you saw in grandmas’ house? Well, you might as well believe that
déjà vu might be really true because one day you find yourself walking through the doors of an
auction place. I have seen many auction in movies, and never thought I would be dragging my feet
to reach Century City Mall on 12th of November to witness my firsthand experience of such event.

There were more than a hundred pieces of antique, collectibles, and vintage pieces carefully
displayed around the room. You can never get enough of staring into one of the displayed paintings
and wondering how the artist came up with their “Obra Maestra”, how they want it to be conceived
by audience.
Some collectibles are very intricate with their designs that you might not want to touch it or you
might break anything so valuable, some works cost quite a fortune, depends on its historical value,
its existence, and the masters behind it. People come wearing casual and its very much open to the
public, some audience bring their whole family along. But kids should be extra cautious to prevent
their moms from paying extra if ever they break any fragile items.
The auctioneer mallet kept striking and declaring sold to lucky bidders. There’s also free-flowing
wine and food as one by one, artworks are presented to audience. The credit goes to Mafae
Management and Harringtons Lifestyle Auction for letting the media participate and cover the whole
event that lasted more than 5 hours of bidding and raising of card numbers. I touched the delicate
tea cups and jars, stared at the wondrous paintings pinned on the wall as if their staring back at me
telling me that they’ve seen history passed by their watchful eyes.
From dusty old carpets to sparkling jewelries that are equally valuable. Therefore, I found myself
lost in the midst of artworks of favorite artists, almost feigned by the age of century, while
reminiscing the thoughts of how these beautiful crafts are maintained that gracefully aged to meet
its valuable price. The auction day brought us back to time we didn’t experience, hence, treasures of
the century remains in the heart of every avid collectors.


“Cross Word”

This artwork caught my attention because of its random colors. The technique used by Artist Sam Penaso is called mixed media arts.



“Full Support “

Mafae Management is on full support during the Auction Day.  Headed by Mafae Yunon Belasco with Ms. World 1st Princess Arienne Calingo.


Welcome Ardent Collectors!

Ms. World Philippines 2016  1st Princess Arianne Calingo welcomes the audience in a very graceful way.


“9 Kois in Synchrony” by Eduardo Castrillo

This is the most expensive artwork that I saw during the auction. Once I saw the auction price I took out my phone and googled it.

According to what I’ve read, this masterpiece is a symbolic representation for wealth, longevity and success, the 9 Playful Kois just perfectly embodies Eduardo Castrillo’s insurmountable leaning towards elemental subjects.

It was furthermore elaborated that in this masterpiece he combines different emblems for good fortune and prosperity – number 9 which is said to attract positivism and koi as a sign for energetic life force.


The whole picture is pleasing to the eye, the combination of furniture and painting must be put together by a stylist to emphasis the aesthetics of the valuable items. Looks like a scene  from some old movie.


Article from http://whichcraftph.com/magazine/

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Regional Training Assistant at DSWD who graduated Mass Communication from New Era University. Makeup Addict. Book Lover. She organizes a lot of events in their company and these events are a further way to spread a positive message and sentiment about their service to the public, communicate news about a new project, and give the consumer news. Editor-In-Chief at WhichCraft Magazine.

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