Life Lessons You Can Learn From Traveling

I’m not really that type of person that is open to everyone or would talk about my experiences but then I thought if it’s something positive then why not share it right?

Last year(2015), it was my first time to go to the Philippines by myself officially as an “adult”.  As expected, my parents went crazy especially my Mum after telling them that I spontaneously book a ticket to the Philippines.  And not only that, I also booked a plane ticket to one of the beautiful islands in our country,  El Nido in Palawan.

Before I left, my Mum told me not to get too drunk when I go out partying and Dad said “I know you can be a bit adventurous but don’t get too adventurous ok. Don’t even think about jumping off the boat when you’re in the middle of the ocean because you can’t swim”. Well guess what Dad? I did. And my life vest got stuck on the side of the boat so I was there hanging for a good 10 mins because I was too embarrassed to ask for help haha!

Everyone was like oh look underwater it’s so beautiful and I’m just like yeah um hold on for a sec just chilling here you know (not really I was trying to free myself). The life lesson from that is KIDS, LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS!

Anyways, last May this year I went back again but this time my parents were much calmer compared to last year. Traveling back to my home country alone was such a life changing experience that it made want to go back every single year.

I have learnt so much from meeting people from different walks of life and started to appreciate all the things I have and made me realize how lucky I am. I keep going back not just because of the fun experiences but mainly because I started to develop this thirst of learning about life.


I started to become very interested in meeting new people, getting to know them and hearing their life stories and learning from them. I think for me the best stories that you can learn from are the stories told by the people who are living a very simple life. They are the kind of people who still manages to be positive, happy and contented despite the struggles that they face in their everyday lives.

Because of them I have learnt that no matter what struggles or problems I may encounter with in my life I should face it with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. They taught me how to be a simple human being and to appreciate the littlest things in life especially the things that money can never buy.

We live in this generation where people are forgetting to appreciate the little things in life and that money or materialistic things are more important than the priceless ones. We live in this world where it’s better to look at your phones, play with your phones or be in front of your laptop or computer than to socialize with the people around you.

Honestly I was one of those people, but my trip made me realize that our phones makes us miss out on so much like the great memories that we could have shared with each other. I came to the point that I even forgot that I have a phone because I was too busy making memories with my new-found friends and socializing with other people.

It was also the reason I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I have no regrets with that! It actually made my trip even more fun and memorable. It’s not really the photos that makes your trip memorable but it’s the actual memories that you will keep forever. And this is not just on your mind but your heart.

Travelling back to my home country taught me how to value the people who greets and smile at me every day and made me realize how much it can brighten up my day and how a simple smile can complete your day or even your week.

The security guards not just from the condominium but also from other establishments, the receptionist from the condominium I stayed at and also those few people that I walked past with made my days so much brighter every time I go on a holiday in the Philippines.

I know life isn’t easy for them but the fact that they can still smile and greet me happily amazes me. I don’t know where they get all the positivity from but I am very thankful that I have met such people during my trips because they made me open my eyes up that there are so much simple but better things in life to be grateful about and we shouldn’t let our problems get the best of us all the time.

I have also learnt to treat each other equally no matter who they are. To never belittle anyone or look down on people. Not because you have a better job or better education than others means that you are better than them.

I’m pretty sure they can teach you a lot of things that you need to learn when it comes to life lessons, just by talking to them and listening to their stories.

Talk to the salespeople that helps you to make sure they offer you the best customer service, the waiters/waitresses that serves you with smiles on their faces no matter how busy and tired they are, the security guards that open the doors the for you and greets you happily no matter how long they been standing in the same place, the tour guides that will make sure you will have the best holiday of your life and etc.

Thank them when they give you a great service. Yes maybe it’s their job and they get paid for it but it wouldn’t hurt to say thank to show your appreciation.

Lastly and probably the most important life lesson I have learnt is that I understand now the importance on why my parents didn’t spoil me while I was growing up.

When I was younger I would get mad at my parents when I don’t get the things that I wanted and I would also get disappointed if they only give 20 dollars when I go out with my friends.

Now I understand why, it’s because they want to make sure that my life wouldn’t evolve around money and to learn how to appreciate what I have. I may not have everything that I want but I do have what I need.

There are a lot of people out there who doesn’t even have what they need in their everyday lives but still manages to be very thankful and contented. We should stop looking for what we don’t have and start appreciating what we have and trust me life would be so much better.



Before I end this blog post, let me give you a piece of advice, when you travel to another place or country don’t travel just because of the fun of travelling but  to explore, to get to know other people, share stories and life lessons.

Travelling is not just about the fun and cool experiences but it is also a learning experience that can make us a better person. It can also be a great way of discovering ourselves on a deeper level.

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Filipina chic who’s now living her dream at Adelaide, Australia. She is an Accounting student who loves Fashion. A lipstick addict. Dog Lover. She loves meeting new people from different walks of life. She’s recently working on her upcoming Clothing business.

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