Benefits Of Crafting You Should Know About

More and more people are being inflicted with the ‘craft’ addiction. And no, we are not talking about the bad form of addiction here. Crafts can be in the form of textile, paper, decorative, fashion, and functional crafts.

People have different reasons why they indulge in crafting. Aside from being able to express one’s creativity in this hobby, we have discovered three health benefits you can actually get out of it. Learn what they are in the following paragraphs.

  1. Reduce Stress

The repetitive and rhythmic movements in certain crafting forms such as knitting or weaving produces a calming effect. These movements allow the brain to focus on one goal and there is no more room for worry and stress. Ask any craft addict and they will surely tell you that they do it because it de-stresses them.

  1.  Promotes Happiness

Some people feel happiness in crafting during the working process while others feel happiest upon seeing the product of their hard work. Crafting is similar to other types of hobbies that take your mind off from the rest of the world, for example, reading. Being engrossed in crafting sometimes isolates you from everyone else. For some crafters, this gives them an all-new found inner happiness.

  1. Prevents Brain Aging

Adults usually stop learning after graduating from school. Because of this, the brain becomes stagnant especially when these people got stuck in routine jobs. A stagnant brain is prone to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Engaging in crafts keeps the brain busy and protects its neurological pathways. This, in turn, helps the brain be resilient to the aging process.

These are just three of the amazing benefits craft addicts enjoy. It isn’t surprising at all why many are engaging in this activity. There are a lot of other advantages and if you would like to experience them yourself, why don’t you start crafting today?

About the Author

Peng Desuyo is a 26 y/o nurse, writer and pursuer of dreams from Manila, Philippines. The best way to describe her is that she is intellectually curious, frugal, and a family-oriented person. One thing that’s weird about her is that she can be outgoing one moment and then be completely lazy the next. Her interests include reading, writing, stocks investing, and travelling. Get to know her more by visiting her blog,

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