How to sell your crafts

You’re a creative junkie and thinking how to sell your crafts and share it to world. Be prepared to find your niche, market yourself and do your best. Hard work partnered with passion can be turn into a profit.

We list down five useful tips on how to sell your crafts.

  1. Determine what you want to sell

You have all the creativity in mind but where are you good at. People are typically more successful if they specialize in creating and selling what they truly enjoyed on. Sell crafts that cannot get you be passive along the way and always triggers your curiosity, in that way you explore and discover things for your improvement and so is your craft.

  1. Decide where you want to sell

In this advance generation, there are a lot of gateways to sell your crafts. Online selling is one of the best option to promote your crafts. Bazaars can be a selling engine for people who wants to tangibly see your crafts and buy them right away, it can also be an opportunity to tell the stories of the crafts you make. Giving your crafts as a gift can be an option also, you hit two bird in one stone at once, you give your friend a gift and they can sell your crafts by word of mouth to other people upon using it. Research on where your crafts can be a hot pancake and target your audience on whom do you want to sell with.

  1. Find your own signature style

It may take a little while to figure out what’s unique about you but it’s worth it to find that thing. The craft that your selling maybe the same with the other seller and can be boring after a while. Having your own signature style can also be helpful in selling your crafts as you can be easily remember and sell your crafts in a dash.

  1. Perfect your pricing

Some customers are budget conscious especially if they do online shopping. Be conscious and precise on how you do the pricing if it’s reasonable and justifiable on the crafts that you sell. Don’t mark your price up and down as it may cause confusion to your customers, have discounts for the customers you purchase your products regularly in that way you establish your market and can be a good testimony on how you price your crafts.

  1. Be flexible and have fun

You do your crafts because you love it, never lose sight of that. If you’re not having fun after a while, stop and ask yourself what’s wrong. There is a lot to learn along the way but you can start small and you’ll figure out as you go. This is your own business, so get flexible and adapt to find your needs, realizing that those needs might change over time. You might love selling your handmade bag for a year and then suddenly decide that you sell an office crafts, that’s okay. Stay in touch on your passion and good communication with your customers and those transitions will be perfectly fine.

Pursue your passion by marketing it and turn it to a profit. In this way you not only love what you do, you also earn. Hope that these tips might be of help in starting off to sell your crafts.

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