How to Quit Your Day Job for a Life of Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is an emerging form of popular art nowadays.

This form of art channels the creativity of modern millennials and helps them not just in their artistic skills, but also in terms of emotions and stress.

This is why hand lettering suddenly became popular, and some letterers have found themselves to not just treat this as a hobby, but as a form of living as well.

Passions and hobbies are possible to grow as a lifestyle and business as well.  Hand lettering is both a form of passion and hobby, which has a high potential to become a good source of income. This is what some of the most popular letterers in the local lettering community has proven.

Of course, the transition from a day job to a full-time work of hand lettering will never be easy. There would be necessary adjustments to make, which can be painful and requires sacrifice at times, but these can be minor details which can give you a greater story to tell in the future. In the end, if it makes you happy, then everything has been placed on their perfect positions.

Some say that there is no money in art – art can’t feed you and will not be able to pay your bills monthly, but nowadays, this belief has been proven to be null at most art careers. Sure, it may be difficult to sell art but it is not impossible.

Today, let us talk about how hand lettering can be a potential career for us and what should we do to quit our day jobs for a life of hand lettering.

First, everything takes courage. It is not always easy to make a decision that can affect your future hugely, especially when it comes to career change. Courage is the vital element for change and success in this kind of transition.

Second is introducing yourself. As a newbie in freelance hand lettering, it is important for your survival to be known. Create a portfolio and send out applications and commission invites on fellow artists and local brands and businesses! Meanwhile, as you wait for their responses, you may as well create your own products for the possibility of having your own independent business. Together with this is practicing daily so that your skills will be honed more.

Next is to get proper exposure. This could be done by creating visually appealing and attractive contents and promote them on social media so that you can reach many in your breadth of target audience. These products can also be sold on shopping websites like Etsy or if you can, produce your own website so that your brand will have a higher chance to stand out. Proper exposure can also mean hosting hand lettering workshops and inspirational talks to aspiring letterers so that your exposure will heighten as well.

Fourth is knowing your focus. Art is a wide concept and it can be anything. Plan and decide what your hand lettering career would be focusing on. This can lead for your brand in becoming unique and may avoid confusion from your target audience. In marketing, it is always important to clear and make the purpose of your products known easily so you can attract more clients.

Lastly, it is important for you to distinguish your own style. You will own your brand only if you have already found your own style, which you can introduce proudly in the world. By embracing your own style, your brand will be competitive enough to be on the industry.

Hand lettering is a beautiful work of art, and it is always possible to make art for a living. Are you up for the challenge now?

About the Author

AJ Villamar is a Journalism graduate, a Social Media Assistant for The Philippine Star, a freelance online writer, an aspiring artist, and a planner and journal junkie who dedicates her life and her passions to her Savior, Jesus Christ. For more information, please browse on her blog ( and Instagram account (

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