How to Order


1. Send a screenshot of your order

.2. We will check if there is a stock.

3. Upon confirming stock availability, we will send you a quotation. Upon order confirmation, we will send you an invoice and method of payment.

4. Kindly settle within 1-2 days upon receiving invoice.

5. Late payment will be marked as cancelled item.

6. Bogus buyers will not be posted but will be blacklisted. After payment, we will process your order and arrange for shipment.

7. Estimated time of arrival:

Same day delivery via Lalamove and Mr. Speedy if items are onhand.

For pre-order items:

1-3 days if along Metro Manila

2-4 days along Luzon. 3-5 days along Visayas

5-7 days along Mindanao.

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