How to Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Wrong

Yes. You read that right. And I know what most of your are going to say – don’t MAKE one.

There are so many advises out there about how to achieve your goals and you have read a bunch too many. Because admit it. Your goals for 2017 are actually your goals from 2015 that you failed to do on 2016.

So let’s get down to it before it stings you more.


  1. Lose weight and expect to lose in a week or two.

So you enrolled yourself in a gym. Then after a week of training, you tried to fit  your skinny jeans that is sitting in your closet for a very long time and hoping it’ll fit you like it did before. But it still won’t and you’ll lose motivation to train next week.

And come on, 10 sit ups won’t give you an abs.

Losing weight is difficult to some. Change of lifestyle and eating habits can be so dreadful. Plus push ups are so very heart-trending to do.

How to do it right: Develop Staying Power. Never let a skinny jeans that won’t fit you unmotivate you on maintaining your health or anything for that matter. Your health should be your first priority and be a tool for motivation to do 100 sit ups a day. Plan your workout schedule and stick to it.

  1. Save more, spend less. Then expect a high return of money more than you earn.

52-week challenge, 12-month challenge,  Weekly ipon challenge. They are everywhere in your news-feed. You may also blindly follow these challenges because of the 130,000 peso goal at the end of the year.

You forgot you are only earning 20K a month or less. Less your income tax. Less the food you eat. Less your everyday fare. Less the payments for your bills, utilities, rent, etc. Less the tuition fee of your kapatid or your entrega to your parents.

Now, you feel like taking up another job or hate the government for that tax on your payslip that could already buy you new shoes or clothes. But most times, we tend to forget ourselves when it comes to saving money. We eat garbage because it’s cheap. Our clothes are already 5 years old and have holes in it. We arrive early at work and leave work late because that’s where the money comes from. We don’t sleep because we think sleep is for the weak and yet we don’t buy ourselves multivitamins.

How to do it right: Know how much you can save and stick to it monthly. You really don’t need to save a lot of money if you are just going to spend it on hospital bills.

  1. Quit a bad habit altogether without preparing yourself on doing it.

By having the a poor mindset, you want to quit smoking but then having withdrawal syndromes the next day.

How to do it right: Be in Control. You have the control over your body and you alone can resist the temptation. You may also want to tell your family members and friends that you want stop a bad habit so that they could also help you on your progress.

Besides, your child wants to enjoy your lively presence in the future. Not the one where you are lying on a hospital bed, dependent on an oxygen tank.

  1. Learning new skills that you don’t even need.

It is like wanting to learn a new language or spending a lot of money on enrolling classes that you won’t really need. Like learning Korean language for example but you can’t even maintain your Math grades or enrolling in a Photography lessons than continuing college. These are very exaggerated examples, but these things happen in real life and this could be you.

How to do it right: Focus on skills that matters. If you are an engineering student and bad at Math, spend your free days on practicing or learning. Learning is a process and it takes time and effort to achieve skills. Don’t go wasting your time and money on not so important stuffs, eat the frog first!

Instead of trying to learn Korean, why not the dialect your lolo or lola speaks? Maybe they’ve been longing to speak with their apo for a very long time. You will also warm their hearts on the process.

  1. Forget your love ones on your bucket list.

Ahh. Exploring the 7,107 islands of the Philippines is a bit corny for you so you plan to travel abroad. You went on checking promo flights and blocking out all of your long weekends for your travels. That is, for you, to enjoy most of your 2017.

While doing that, you were never present on any of your family member’s birthdays or anniversaries. And they have already started to call you a “boarder” or “ampon”.

How to do it right: Share moments with your love ones. Be there for them. Plan a weekend trip for your family. Share a beer or drinks with your Dad and your brothers. Shop with your Mom and your Sisters. Nothing is more valuable than sharing your 2017 moments with your family.

It is not too late for you to reassess your goals for 2017. You still have 12 months to evaluate yourself. Bonus tip: Reflect on your progress every month and don’t be afraid to change, remove and add something on your New Year’s resolution. Whatever you do, and you want to do in your life, don’t forget to be kind.

May this year be filled with love and prosperity for you and your family. I hope you learn new things and overcome the challenges ahead of you. I hope someone who loves you most find you and kiss you and be there for you when you need it the most. And I hope, somewhere, somehow this year, your dreams will finally come true.

Happy New Year from all us here on WhichCraft.

About the Author

Dianne Ramos. A tech savvy, music enthusiast and a coffee lover. Her writing experience comprises of journal entries and software codes in C#. Though she is more profound on the latter, writing her own thoughts is still her first love.

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