Grace, unselfishly you are.

This is an open-letter to the people who have somehow been selfish and use grace to the extent of it.

We live in the world that unfair rules, selfishness emerge and pointing fingers a habit. The world made us believe that society approve things that are nice, glimmering and made us compromise of what makes us happy. We just care of our own free will and didn’t care of the people around even the One who gave this to us. We are too busy making things that seems good to our own perspective even it may hurt the people who has love and concern for us that sometime we left behind.

And we, yes we including the one writing this letter always taking advantage of what the One freely give us. Freebies include eternal life, free from condemnation, unending blessings and grace that we are all familiar off. This grace  have been abused and taking advantage of the world. We carelessly and freely sin because we know that by the end of the day we will be forgiven and not be judge by the things we have done. We always believe in 1 John 1:9 ” If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us or sins” We always think that we will surpass and sins will be forgotten, later did we know that these sins will lead us to a miserable life suffering from the consequences. At times, this grace lead us to misconception that I am saved and untouchable even though I sin. That’s wrong, this grace should teach us that I am a sinner and can never be equate to the One who gave it. By that, we should be more cautious of what we do, think and feel.

I am writing this to make us aware that we all live by grace and should not abuse it at any cause. We should be grateful and be more aware of our actions. We should not do the blame game on who’s good and not, we are all sinners trying to live a holy life. And if we have been rebuke by the wrong things we have done be thankful because someone is watching over you, concern and want the best of you. Don’t be blinded by the people telling us that it is right to compromise just to please your self but be reminded that great joy comes from the One and that pleasing Him gave you satisfaction and accomplishment.

As we live everyday under grace, let us not abuse and take advantage of it but be reminded that we aim to be holy as chosen child of God, bought by His blood.

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Gelieanne de Jesus. “A music enthusiast, foodie and traveler. Her writing journey comprises of colorfully crafted words and people with big smiles. Music and writing equates her passion on expressing her thoughts and emotions.”

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