Focus on your goals, everything else is not that necessary

Focus on your goals, and keep in mind that everything else is not that necessary. Giving time on lower priorities, even though they are useful can leave you worse off than if you have avoided them all together. Why? Because our time and attention are limited. As an example, people are distracted in activities like social media, surfing the web, and networking consume more of our time and attention stealing efforts from our goals.

In this age, where there are so many demands dividing my time and attention pulling me in different directions away from my goals, it has always been a problem for me to stay focus.

Until Mel came into my life and gave me this little fella making my life different in so many ways. I am that type of person before who hates five years from now I will be blah blah blah and enjoys life as it is. Before, I am contented with what goes around comes around and is happy to be a nomad as it keeps my life sane. Its not that I do not have goals before but I just do not mind being distracted as I enjoy this pasaway words for me called “experience” and “bahala na” .

Now, the ability to concentrate and the ability to focus all my attention is going to define how productive I am going to be and how fast I am going to achieve my goals.

I cannot avoid circustamstances like #mistakes and #failures which can affect my goals but I can avoid #distractions and always prepare myself with #plans plus #takingabreak. So, my problem with focus was answered with #avoid distractions and #always have a plan and #dontforgettobreathe.

Eliminating distractions and avoiding things that are not important is significant towards achieving our goals. Imagine working in an environment where your phone is constantly ringing, people chatting, and all this noise around you. It makes it very difficult to focus. So, if I want to be productive, I just stay away from distractions.

Keep in mind to #alwayshaveaplan. As for me I start planning by writing down what I need to do for tomorrow before going to bed. When you have a plan and when you have a schedule, it is much easier to focus.

Taking breaks is also important, as it allows me to renew my focus. I am more productive and I can think clearly when I am not stress. Physical and mental break is important, specially nowadays where life is in a fast-paced environment. When you take a break, energy will get up and that contributes you on staying focus.

How about you? How do you stay on focus?




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Neldy Co is a SuperMom to Ayesha, WonderWoman to her hubby, an online entrepreneur, and a risk taker with a heart.

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