Focus Less on “what should be” and Focus More on “what is in your life”!

We all come to a point where we are looking for purpose in our lives. You may have your dream job, but don’t have love in your life and feel like something is missing. Or vice versa–you may have a great love in your life but you are not happy with your job that leaves you feeling incomplete.

There are so many things that leaving us feeling like we have lost our purpose. Which means one thing: we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and accept that we are adults.

In life, we should remember that our purpose will change many times throughout life:

15 years ago my purpose was to graduate college.
After that it was about getting my dream job and starting my own business.
Then, it was about finding happiness and love.

We have been instilled with the idea that everything has to be figured out and be a certain way in society’s standard of being a “normal” adult. The truth is there is no such thing as normal. Normal is what you make it. What I want and what someone else wants can be completely different, yet somehow each person is still judged based on society’s standards of what “normal” means.

I believe that being normal is to be true to yourself because that is all that really matters in the end. Never mind society standards,  screw what your friend has that you don’t,  never mind of your age.

So what if you are in your late 30’s and just starting to build a family of your own, or is already in your 40’s and just starting to realize what you really love to do.

Just focus on your purpose and  you will find it.
Some people feel like their life should be somewhere else rather then it really is. But once you compare your life to others’, it makes you feel that much worse about your life. And the truth is your life is probably awesome!

If you keep worrying about where you should be versus where you are then you will miss out on finally finding your purpose in life because you’re so focused on the “should be” rather than the “what is” in your life.

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