Five Trending Wedding Theme Ideas for 2017

Congratulations on your engagement!

Every bride would definitely want the best for their wedding. This compels them to read every available wedding magazine or online article they put their hands to. However, there are just too much resources available!

We wouldn’t want to stress you out even more. Thus, we compiled the top five wedding theme ideas for this year, 2017. This short list will help you narrow down your choices so you can move on to the other essential parts of your wedding preparation: plenty of beauty rest, perhaps?

  1. Modern Vintage

Yes, this year sees the popularity of vintage weddings with a twist. Elaborate centerpieces and twinkling lights will set the mixture of vintage and modern theme.



                                                  via elegantweddinginvites 



                                                   via Pinterest 


  1. Metallic Accents

A lot of brides also love shine in their decorations. They are in love with copper, rose gold, and pewter. Pair these accents with neutral colors for that extra pop.

                                                       via heyweddinglady

  1. Papercraft

DIY is a wedding theme that is creating some noise this 2017. With the recent popularity of calligraphy, many brides are considering inserting such favored activity in their weddings. If you are a crafty bride, then this theme might be best for you.

                       via allfreediy 


  1. Neutral

Gray, brown, and light blue are some neutral colors that will make its way to the wedding scene this year. This is best for brides who would like to keep a classic and sophisticated look that is timeless and not too loud.


                                                              via Pinterest

  1. Greenery

The last wedding theme that is sure to still be trendy this 2017 is greenery. This theme is guaranteed to still be popular for brides who would like to have plenty of green floral and nature to their wedding.

                                                                                 via Pinterest

Preparing for a wedding can certainly be daunting. These themes are just a guide for you to determine which one you really want for your wedding. You do not even have to choose just one; the possibilities are endless. You can match two themes or put a twist on a particular theme to put in your personality. Best wishes on your 2017 wedding!


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