Family Staycation at Crosswinds Tagaytay: Switzerland in the Philippines

Inspired by the architecture of Switzerland, Crosswinds is a private residential area with Swiss inspired homes. Splurging for a quality time and celebration once in a while is something we do not need to be guilty of, especially if there are many of you who will share the expenses.

Three (3) years ago, my family decided to celebrate my youngest sister’s graduation through a stay-cation at Crosswinds Tagaytay plus a trip to Nuvali Laguna, and a fun day in Enchanted Kingdom.

Everyone enjoyed staying at Crosswinds. It is  far from the main road so a private vehicle is a must but you’ll have the opportunity to walk around and feel the tranquil of an attractively unusual community. In our case, my sister’s husband Chad used their private car and because we are many we have to rent one more vehicle for the trip.





The view from Crosswinds is astonishing because of the Swiss pine trees that lined up on the road. The air is fresh and cool, the pine scent is very calming to our tired nerves.


The property is not that fully developed. Only little shops or restos within the compound. During that year you will feel that it is like staying in a ghost town with only a handful of people to keep you company. But if you re looking for a place that is not too crowded  where you can have the peace and quiet you long for then this place is good for you. The swimming pool is the only amenity that is available to the guests that time and there are lots of pine trees swaying whenever the wind blew at it’s direction which is really refreshing. There are buildings and structures that are still being constructed to house the rest of the amenities.


We had a lot of fun at Crosswinds, next post I am going to share our adventure in Nuvali and EK. It is really good to spend your time with your loved ones, and Crosswinds made it more special.

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