If you are one of those who studies in one of the nearby campuses along Katipunan Avenue, I am pretty sure you are familiar with Regis Center — a favorite hangout place where restaurants and other student related activities abound. But apart from that, there’s a food hall on the 3rd level of Regis Center that is worth checking out. And that is also how I have discovered about this latest food discovery called Yummy Tokyo.

As a challenge, Yummy Tokyo dares food enthusiasts to take on their Unli Ramen Challenge by finishing 5 bowls of their delectable ramen within 2 hours or pay Php 399 if you would not able to. Win or lose, it is really “sulit”.Started as an online seller of DIY Ramen Noodles.

Yummy Tokyo’s Ramen variants are by far the most affordable that I have tried in a while. With a price that are all under Php200, you would get to enjoy a taste of Japanese ramen and who would say no to that? The person behind who concocted the recipes is actually a Japanese and the main ingredients are strictly outsourced from Japan. Among their different variants (Spicy Miso, Cold Ramen, Shoyu, Seafood ,Curry, Tantanmen, Tonkotsu, and Miso) my top picks are the Shoyu Ramen and The Miso Ramen as I am a fan of subtle yet appetizing flavors.

Concocted with various stock bases, their 8 variants of ramen bowls are definitely must try for its price range.  The broths are really good although the noodles are not that impressive but overall, all the ramen variants are worth the price and they are all deliciously, “umami”. Diners who prefer more soup-based ramen may try the Miso Ramen bowl with its lingering green onion or leeks aftertaste. Others who prefer some zing could go for Tantamen. ​

Ramen Menu:
Ramen Overload – Php 179
Miso – Php 149
Spicy Miso – Php169
Tantanmen – Php189
Curry – Php189
Cold Ramen – Php149
Shoyu – Php149
Tonkotsu – Php149
Seafood – Php169

Follow Yummy Tokyo on their social media accounts for more updates on their latest  promos:
FB: facebook.com/yummytokyoofficial
Instagram: instagram.com/yummytokyoofficial

Article originally published for SLAM Event Production .

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