Don’t be.

Disappointment, defines by Merriam Webster as a state or emotion of being disappointed. But is this what really defines on having disappointment and being such one?

We only feel this way when someone, somebody or something frustrates and disappoint us of not meeting our expectations towards them. But how in the world can we avoid this feeling that seems natural and wall-flowered?

This juggled question answers me when I feel both having disappointment and being one. Its such a disgrace of having the same feeling at the same time on two different person whom you care most. You just didn’t see it coming when you are clouded with happy thoughts and joyful moments. High hopes, expectations and optimism are everywhere but it doesn’t produce rainbows and butterflies instead disappointment. I don’t have anyone to blame but myself alone, why? I am the one controlling myself, my mind and what should I feel. I am disappointed because I expect too much hoping that person would have high regard and surpass me but that doesn’t happen the way I want to and the sad part of it is that your just being pointed as the antagonist. Of me being a disappointment just break my heart, I just don’t see why I have become one. Maybe the way I respond, act and speak is just a disappointment. I can’t change that even if I try so hard not to be one using all my senses, if I am a disappointment in the person’s perspective I will stay that way for a lifetime.

Having all these tumbled and excruciating emotions, I came to realization I am not exempted of the experience that I have disappointed a person and am too being disappointed all at once. All I can have to say to myself “This too shall pass”, from all the frustrations, heartbreaks and most importantly disappointment.

And so above all through this, it all boils down on how you take your disappointments  and and you being one. Learn from it, move on and thanked the people who brought you on that state of emotion that you wouldn’t think you will surpass.

It’s just a matter on how you see the good in everything and squeezing out the best in you in every disappointments that falls in to you.

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Gelieanne de Jesus. “A music enthusiast, foodie and traveler. Her writing journey comprises of colorfully crafted words and people with big smiles. Music and writing equates her passion on expressing her thoughts and emotions.”

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