Dermcare at 30: #PinayRadiance

Nowadays, it is very clear that Filipinas are slowly evolving from the passive “Maria Clara” stereotype to a stronger and competitive “Miss Independent” one. As we can notice, the roles and contributions of Filipinas to society are now at their most empowered stage in the history.

This is now an era of self-expression, independence, and numerous opportunities, and modern Filipinas have evidently found their voice, power, and purpose in life with support from almost different organizations of society. The modern Pinay knows what she wants and is confident enough to make decisions in all aspects of her life. Gone are the days of Filipino women relying on destiny, fate, or a man to make things happen.

Most Filipinas today love to create things, grow themselves more and solve a lot of problems. And since Filipinas of today are being expected and pressured to perform a number of roles and responsibilities, Filipinas forget to properly take care of her mind and body due to lack of time. I am happy to know that there are business women like Mrs. Zenaida E. Palisoc, the President of the Dermcare Group of Companies who hopes to help as many women by empowering them to making themselves a priority as well.

As much as possible women should maintain the natural beauty that God has endowed them. I am glad to know that Dermcare, a business owned by an empowered woman, was established with a goal of also providing world class skin facials (lightening, anti-aging, pimple-control treatments), body treatments (scrubs, waxing, spa services) as well as hair rebonding and treatments. It’s like you don’t need to look for other places because Dermcare already provides the convenience of giving you all these services in one place and at an affordable price. Aside from offering quality products and services at reasonable prices. They are also generous enough to give discounts to seniors and PWDs, as well as to Pag-IBIG Fund Loyalty Cardholders. Yes! You heard it right! They are really true to their tagline, “WE DO CARE”.

Honestly I am not that familiar with Dermcare before. I just got to know more about the company last November 19, 2019 at one of their branches here in Metro Manila located at Level 4, Gateway Tower Mall , Araneta Center.

I discovered that this year, they are already celebrating their 30th year in the business. Three decades of helping a lot of people, especially Filipino women in providing employment and sources of livelihood as well as helping each of them improve their families’ lives. Dermcare also ensure that their employees are well compensated and afforded more than just mandatory benefits, including free trainings and travels to be more productive and knowledgeable in serving their customers.

Dermcare has grown to employ about 1,000 people in eighty-eight (88) Dermcare Wellness Centers and twenty-seven (27) Belle La Peau Waxing Salons all over the Philippines.

Also in line with their 30 years of service and support to empower Filipinas, they launched a digital platform named Kwentong Pilipina where participants can share inspiring stories of how they overcame challenges and adversity. Championed by the Wellness Innovators Corporation, in partnership with different local organizations and individuals.  It is a place to share their own stories, pieces of advice, and ask questions to their fellow members which can be accessed in crystalwhitephilippines Facebook page and website(

As another part of Dermcare’s celebration of 30 gorgeous years, patrons are also looking forward with the launching of their newest innovative skincare line this December 09 2019 at Manila Hotel. Together with the technology of Japanese skincare innovators, Dermcare have developed an excellent product that can help Filipinas reveal their radiant and beautiful skin.

As I emphasized from the beginning, Filipinas of today enjoy doing multiple roles. Dermcare is aware of this as well which is why they also come up with a product for working Filipinas who encounter a lot of glow suckers (glow suckers are elements in a Filipina’s life that cause damage to her skin such as personal and professional stressors, unhealthy habits, pollution, harsh weather conditions, etc.) creating chemical and biological reactions causing the skin to age prematurely, have acne breakouts, and dry up.

This newest skin product, the Crystal White AO+ is dubbed as the only skin supplement that has a lot of health benefits while at the same time serves as antioxidant and whitening. Its primary ingredient is Yeast Extract which contain concentrated amino acids (moisturizing amino acids, revitalizing amino acids, whitening amino acids) that are beneficial for skin and health beauty. Also packed with Vitamin C, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Solomon’s Seal, and Strawberry Saxifrage which:

– lightens skin

– reduces uneven skin tone

– moisturizes skin

– reduces wrinkles and fine lines

– promotes healthy skin

– protects skin from the sun

– nourishes the skin to give a brighter glow

– improve bodily functions

Crystal White AO+ will be launched on December 9, 2019, during Dermcare’s 30 Gorgeous Years Party which will be held at the Manila Hotel. You can follow the launch event’s official hashtag #PinayRadiance to be one of the first to witness this newest innovation in Philippine Skincare.

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