A quirky, cozy and hole-in-the-wall kinda place in the busy streets of Makati is what makes Coffee 8065 makes our favorite hang-out. Its ambiance isn’t pretentious, price is great and its food and drinks is to go-back for.

Coffee 8065 is owned by the OPM Artist Kitchie Nadal and is cisco of 8065 Bagnet few blocks away from the coffee shop if you want to try their bagnet that is crunch and tasty.

Starting off our Coffee 8065 experience is their Grilled Sausage Tomato Pasta at Php 120 and an All Day Breakfast Grilled Sausage served with garlic rice and egg at Php 140, best seller of their All Day Breakfast is Beef Tapa and we’re unfortunate to not have it due to its unavailability.

Grilled Sausage Tomato Pasta is the only red sauce on the sea of white pastas and would always always be my all-time favorite. First, because of its ohh-some sauce that is pure bordering on hot tomato goodness. Another, it is freshly served with grilled bread on the sides. It may take few minutes to be served but it was worth the wait to have that meal. Lastly, it is worth every penny for its satisfactory taste. Plus, serving is large and can be shared by two petite stomach.


Grilled Sausage Tomato Pasta for Php 120

For the All Day Breakfast Grilled Sausage, it has also a large serving and comes along with garlic rice and egg. We find it enough just to ease your starving stomach but not to satisfy your taste buds. We recommend their Beef Tapa for their All Day Breakfast menu for it is their best seller, beef is tender and the taste that you would come back for more.


Grilled Sausage for Php 140

Alongside with our food is the drinks that we just ordered. We had an ice cold mocha drink and a café latte. Among their array of frappes and drinks, we would recommend their Nutty Caramel Macchiato for the frappe and Green Tea latte for their hot drinks. All the drinks that they offer never fail my so-called coffee taste buds as they had satisfy me every time I had different one in every visit. Also, they offer unlimited coffee for Php 65. It is brewed and can be refilled hundred fold as much as you want to and can be an energizer for those who are studying. All their frappes and drinks is just worth every peso

Coffee 8065 also offers cakes and breads. To sum up our meal is a slice of their swiss choco cake, it is just not an ordinary cake because its chocolate cake is filled with caramelized meringue just enough to satisfy our sweet tooth.


Mouth watering swiss choco cake

Service are just a bit slow sometimes because of the food preparation that assures its clients of freshly cooked food.

Overall, Coffee 8065 will always be my favorite hangout place for chitchats and chill moments because of it cozy ambiance and sumptuous food offerings without making my wallet empty handed.

Coffe 8065 is located at 7700-A St. Paul Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. They are open from Mondays-Saturdays, 9am to 12mn.

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