Why Explore Philippines First?

If I have the privileged to go far places and travel other countries that would be great! Some Filipinos travel abroad because they want to see something different, wanted to experience others’ culture and tradition, […]

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Grace, unselfishly you are.

This is an open-letter to the people who have somehow been selfish and use grace to the extent of it. We live in the world that unfair rules, selfishness emerge and pointing fingers a habit. […]

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Don’t be.

Disappointment, defines by Merriam Webster as a state or emotion of being disappointed. But is this what really defines on having disappointment and being such one? We only feel this way when someone, somebody or […]

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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Traveling

I’m not really that type of person that is open to everyone or would talk about my experiences but then I thought if it’s something positive then why not share it right? Last year(2015), it […]

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