Five (5) Stylish DIY Bloggers To Follow

When you search “DIY Bloggers”, Google will give you tons of links of bloggers from all over the world. A lot of bloggers dedicate their websites to Do-It-Yourself projects but not everyone features DIYs which […]

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How to make a Shell Stitch Headband

Shell Stitch Headband is an adorable accessory for every little girl. Don’t be intimidated by the name as Shell Stitch Headband is quite simple to do because the pattern is just repeated . This would make […]

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How to make a crochet flower hair clip

Do you already have gifts for your cute little nieces and goddaughters? If you don’t have gifts yet, fret no more. These pretty little flower hair clips would surely make them smile. The great thing is you can make the […]

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14 Amazingly Creative Ways to Say I Love You

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Couples everywhere are either everywhere planning for a romantic Vdate or hunting for the perfect gift. But if you’re not in the mood to brave the heavy traffic […]

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5 Ideas to Reuse Old Baby Cribs

Most moms love to keep stuff from their children to bring back happy memories from them.  If you are one of those moms who just can’t bear to part with your baby’s first stuffs like your baby’s crib because that’s […]

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