At Kerygma, everyone is welcome. It is a Catholic Charismatic Community but it welcomes other religions. So basically, it is for everyone.Whether you are a Catholic, INC Member, Born Again Christian, or any other belief you belong, it will make you feel you are home. Being a member of the Kerygma family helps me discover my calling. Kerygma family taught me to love my craft more. And, it also taught me to listen more to everyone’s heart.

It was difficult to understand what the calling was when I first encounter the word itself. I found myself confused about what it meant, while at the same time promising myself that I would figure it out as I followed its lead. Sometimes the calling sends signs that no one but you can decipher.

What I learned in Kerygma about calling was that being true to myself meant trusting the process as it revealed itself, knowing that it was true for me at that particular time in my life.

When we listen to our heart, we will always be guided forward in a way that serves us. Who I am now is shaped by having followed those constant whispers.

Each one of us have numbers of callings in our lives, some big and some small. Rather than one life purpose or mission, we actually have many opportunities to experience parts of what brings us alive.


Mr. Andreus Cosio is one of those persons that helps me realized one of my callings. I hope that this interview with him would help those who are searching for their purpose on life.

What do you love about your job/mission?

I love everything about being a servant and a Feast Builder! Sharing God’s word, the experience of His love. Hearing blessings and miracles in the lives of others. Meeting new families and friends. And personally, I get to learn and grow, especially in life. I learned to love my family more, to take risks, and to let God be God.

When and how did you find out your purpose in life?

I was already active in the ministry during my youth days. Then when I started to work, i whispered a prayer while waiting for a jeepney one tiring night, “Lord, pwede ba service na lang ginagawa ko in the form of ministry? Is it possible even if I am not a priest?” . I asked because it makes me happy, but I never thought God will be serious about it. Ang saya! I was 30 years old when i really reflected “WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO IN LIFE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY?” , that question… “WHAT ARE THE WHAT­IFs I WILL HAVE IF I DID NOT TAKE THE RISK?” So I prayed about it, reflected, wrote it down, and took the leap of faith.

What was your biggest challenge starting out?

Myself. the way I was comparing myself to other builders. Am I doing it right? And also finding the right way of leading and loving people. Both to those assigned to me and to leaders above me.

Who are your mentors?

Bro Bo Sanchez, Bro Obet Cabrillas, Bro Jon Escoto became my mentors in the ministry. Plus a lot of great young preacher/brothers. They shared the fire in my heart. Learned from them, and looked up to how they lived their life, being a preacher, while running a business and being a full­time Husband and a Father.

Can you tell us about Kerygma?

It is the name of the inspirational magazine under Shepherd’s Voice publications. Also the name of the big annual event (conference) every November here in Manila, with powerful speakers, great worship, Mass and lots and lots of blessings! It is an event where almost all Feast attendess and first time attendees gather and be blessed ( ). It is also family where you can be part of… the KERYGMA FAMILY. Kerygma literally means “preaching”. You can bless others by being part of the Kerygma Family by supporting the foundations of Bro BO Sanchez. ( )

Define success:

For me success is living a full life. Using the gifts that God gave you, being happy, allowing God to love you, and serve HIM by loving yourself, others and most specially your family.

Advises that you can give on achieving dreams:


and, last note?

Let’s build each other up! And in living, for all ages…FOLLOW JESUS!

Miracles happen when we follow HIM.

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