There are so many terrific activities to involve children in: sports, music, scouting, etc. The key to making the most out of any of these is parent involvement…and taekwondo is no different. And yes, as a parent of a taekwondo player, I am telling you, this sport is not a joke. It kills a lot of time. You will be sitting in a taekwondo class for three hours, three times a week waiting for your child to finish his or her lesson.

Benefits of Taekwondo for Children

As parent of a 6 year old kid, I fully understand the need for children to have an outlet for physical activities, to be involved in regular exercise, and keeping their hearts and bodies healthy. These days, kids do not have the opportunity to get as much exercise as we used to, there’s not as much P.E. in schools, and due to the culture of TV, gadgets and computer games much of children’s play is less physical than it used to be. Part of our mission as parents is to replace this missing exercise.

I chose this sport for my kid not just because he showed interest in it but also because of its many benefits. Taekwondo is more than just sparring, kicking or competing. The most important aspect of training is that you make progress on both physical and mental levels. Well, I can say that because my son before is really “iyakin”, just a little wound would really make him cry. But now he became braver and healthier. One of the benefits as well is that, it helps children develop self­ discipline, confidence, and respect for others.


It would instill them the values of not to bully anyone but of course most importantly they would never ever be bullied. Who would bully a taekwondo player anyway? Unless you want a neck chop or a kick on the face. Just kiddin’.

Some of my friends asked if it is dangerous for children to learn taekwondo when their bones have not been properly formed yet. I would always say of course not, as what his coach also tells us parents, Taekwondo is just like an exercise that stimulates a child’s physical growth and mental maturity. And besides, children are not allowed to train involving heavy contact and breaking techniques.

The training of taekwondo consists of Poomsae or Forms and Kyorugi or Sparring. The coach would also require joining competitions wherein they would compete for the bronze, silver and gold medal (my son already won a bronze medal and I am really proud!).

They have two types of uniform or dobok. And there is also a rank in each player and it is signified by the belt color. The belt represents the different level and proficiency, with white belt being the lowest and black belt the highest.


His first encounter with Japoy Lizardo at Age­group    competition Diliman Preparatory School.


His first Medal with Japoy Lizardo that made me so proud.



Water-break at his training class.

Here are the levels:

  1. White belt
  2. Low yellow
  3. High yellow
  4. Low blue
  5. High blue
  6. Low red
  7. High red
  8. Low brown
  9. High brown
  10. Dan black

The level is attained through promotion test by the recommendation of their respective coaches.


Some might say Taekwondo class is quite expensive, because aside from the gears and tuition, there is also a fee in every promotion test and competition that they would be joining.

But honestly, there is really more to it than that.  Yes, we pay a lot, but all for the benefit of our kids.

I pay for moments. Those moments when my kid already wants to quit but he didn’t because he eagerly wants that black belt. Those moments when he is really tired from school but still wants to go for training. Those moments when he competes and loses but didn’t give up and still continued.

In those moments, I realized he is learning how to cope with disappointment. But there were those moments when he competed and brought home a medal and made us so proud. That is the moment he also learned to accomplish goals and aim for more.

I pay for him to be disciplined and learn how to take good care of his body, for him to make new friends and most importantly for him to learn how to protect himself.

There is more to taekwondo and I hope I inspired parents. A big high five and high kick for you!

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