Beauty Professional Philippines Event Kicks Off: Helping Business Owner in Networking

Beauty Professional Philippines is a 3 day event the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Philippines. This event is designed with the intention of creating a fresh trade platform dedicated to helping aesthetic beauty, cosmetics, spa, and hair business owners to source for the right partners, best insights, and latest trends.

I got a chance to collaborate with Slam Event Team and mingle  into a venue where businesses, big and small, can come present their brand, products, and services  to possible business partners.  Best of all, I’ve got to personally connect with businesses participating and try out  samples of their brand, products, and services to fully experience it, and that’s really a plus bonus aside from getting to meet businesses interested in our services.

We’re really overwhelmed by a number of different businesses present at the event and if you are planning to attend Beauty Philippines Event in the future, make sure you have enough business cards with you.

To sum it all, Beauty Philippines event is a well spent “me time” as an event assistant, solopreneur, and as a mother who has a lot of dreams for her self and her family. I got a chance to spend the day by myself while nurturing my marketing and event specialist career. Plus, I got to meet business owners and gained new learnings and connections!

​Kudos to Slam Event Production’s Founder, Ms. Saralee Joy Abesamis for letting me join in this event! Many thanks!

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