The facade of the villa taken from the pool area.


Telescope viewing from the second floor.

Would you dare to climb a stair with a hundred step of stairs just to see a magnificent place at the end of it? If you’re a climber, an adventurous kind of person, you wouldn’t hesitate to answer “Yes!”. But if you know me, you will know that I’ll only do it because I don’t have a choice. Though I consider myself adventurous and would love to try a lot of new stuff, I’m not as athletic as my friends. I just did mountain climbing twice and would never do it again, done parasailing, and would never do it again, climb a hundred step of stairs to see the beautiful scenery in Amihan Villa and I can say that I would LOVE to do it again.


The terrace and lobby on the second floor.

If you have been to White Beach Puerto Galera, Amihan Villa might be kind of familiar to you though it’s kind of far from the mainstream. It is situated on top of a hill where you can see the forest on your right and the beautiful sea on your left. From Batangas port, you will ride a boat going to White Beach and from there you will ride a tricycle or private vehicle to the estate. It’s only a 5­bedroom estate so the privacy and serenity that you’re looking for will be very much enjoyed. I recommend this place if you’re looking for a quiet yet magnificent place where you can relax with your love ones, friends or even by yourself. But if you’re looking for a party crowd, hotels in places like Boracay and White Beach Puerto Galera would be much suitable for you. We went to Amihan Villa for my friend’s birthday celebration. There were 4 of us along with my friend’s son who was only 7 years old then. When I saw the place from their website, I thought it was just like one of those places and hotels we’ve been to before. We arrived at the place around 2PM in the afternoon, just seeing the stairs going up made me tired already, but I had no choice, I don’t want be left at the bottom of the stairs with no one around and certainly no one would carry me going to the top. Haha!

The climb was all worth it because what I saw on top really amazed me. The villa is beautiful in white but it’s not like a haunted house. The view of the ocean, the forest, the infinity pool is jaw dropping. Each room has its own terrace where you can have your meals and just bask in the beauty of the place. Their food menu is okay and the prices are also affordable. There’s not much of an adventure on the villa itself, but just swim on their beautiful infinity pool and relax on the poolside afterwards. I found myself watching the stars one night and asked myself why there’s a lot of stars in that place compared to Metro Manila, which I know is a very stupid question.


Climbing the 100 steps stair.


The rocky walk from Aninuan Beach to White Beach.


We went to nearby places like Aninuan Beach, it was just beside White Beach but is separated by various rocks and stones, and I think one of the most adventurous thing we did was to walk the shore from Aninuan Beach to White Beach and passing and climbing gigantic rocks just to get there. I don’t know what went into our minds because we can definitely use the road and ride a tricycle if we want to go to White Beach. Haha. We arrived there safely, thanks God! We went to the Mangyan’s place, took a dip in a waterfall and almost climb a steep mountain, if I only I was not too afraid that I was going to fall. We also went to the most famous pizza place, the Luchos, the waves are already high during that afternoon, but the place is still wonderful. It’s like you’re sitting in one of the famous resorts in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve been in Puerto Galera thrice and I could say that our stay in Amihan Villa was the best and most enjoyable one. I would love to return there one day and spend a relaxing vacation with the love of my life.

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