Aren’t You Inspired Yet?

Inspiration. A lot of things come into one person’s mind whenever this word is heard. Let’s be objective for a while and understand the word from Merriam Webster’s definition:

a: a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.

b: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.

c: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions.

With these definitions, simply you will know that the meaning of this word differs from one person to another. Or better yet, each person has their own inspiration in life. It varies with what makes them feel contented, what lifts them up whenever they’re down, what pushes them to go and move forward despite all the trials in life, and in general just what makes them happy. I asked several people on what makes them happy, what inspires them in a daily basis, and here’s a list of the most common answers that I received:

1. Family and friends ­ This is the most common respond when someone is asked “what inspires you?”. Family is the basic foundation of a community and this is where we started building our personality, the first who loved us, the first who witnessed our sorrows, pain and achievements. And it’s just understandable that we always think of them whenever we want to do something good or want to achieve greatness in life.

Liza Gran is a single mother who has been working in Dubai for nearly a decade now. Her daughter is being taken cared of by her brother here in the Philippines and despite the loneliness she feels because of being away from her daughter; she has to endure it because she wants to provide a good future for her child. She said “What inspires me is my daughter because she is amazing and I’m the the lucky one because I’m her mother”.


Liza with her beautiful and bubbly daughter

Liza with her beautiful and bubbly daughter


Diana Joy Hortillo is another OFW in Dubai who just moved there last 2015. She has been struggling with work since she arrived there but she is a fighter and does not want to show failure to her family especially her bosses in that Middle Eastern country. “What inspires me are the people I love such as my family and friends. If what I did for them benefited them and they appreciate what I do for them, it will push me to do more or beyond what I normally do” Diana said.


  1. Subordinates/agents/students ­ Being in a leadership role takes a toll on someone, especially when you’re just starting with that role. In my own opinion, someone must have the passion to lead and/or teach if you really want to be a leader or a teacher. Having the passion to lead versus learning the skills are very different from one another.


Someone can have all the right skills, but without the passion, it won’t be as effective. So, I admire those people who treat their students and agents as inspiration in the job that they’re doing.


Teddy De Vera was a teacher by profession even before he entered the call center industry. His real passion in leadership called upon him and after several years in the industry he applied for a Team Manager role and luckily got the part. Ever since he has been a Team Manager, he led most of his agents to promotions as well. He said “what inspires me is someone else’s success. Because success is making people around you to be better and eventually be successful”.


Teddy and his team

Teddy and his team

Meanwhile, Mary June Detayson’s story is the opposite of Teddy’s. She is a Sociology graduate from UP Diliman and went straight to the call center industry. June has been a competitive agent on whatever account she was put in and she is one of the most reliable employees you can count on about anything. She has been in the industry for more than 4 years when she realized her true calling which is teaching. Hence, she took up Education units while working and finished it in a short period of time. She passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers with flying colors soon after that. Currently she is a Reading Teacher in a tutorial center. June said, “My students inspire me. Because they teach me how to be patient, innovative and creative. Every day, they challenge me to be a better person. I always look forward on the next day to see them again”.



  1. Stories of greatness ­ Nowadays, with all the social media influence, it’s not difficult for us to learn stories from different sides of the world. Along with negative stories about politics and other stuff, there will always be stories that will lift you. Stories of successful who from nothing became someone. These stories inspire Mackoy Nolledo. He is funny yet serious kind of guy who also has been through a lot.


He has also been in BPO industry for almost a decade now and in his own ways has achieved greatness both in being an agent and Quality Analyst.


  1. Change or hope for the better ­ If you’re like who is always in social media every day, you can’t help but see how life in general has changed over the past few years. Some of the changes are for the betterment of humanity, like technology. But some are not. This is supposed to be an inspiring article so I will not dwell on the bad stuff. But good thing that there are still people like Jessie Del Rosario who is still inspired in a daily basis and keeps on hoping that someday, it will all be better again, that the terrible things that are happening in the world will change. He said “What inspires me is the hope that change can come tomorrow, me inspiring others and achieve greatness”.


  1. Goals in life ­ I believe that everyone has a goal, because how else are you continuing to live in a daily basis if you don’t have a goal. Our goal varies, depends on what we want to achieve in life and what makes us feel contented at the end of the day.

Ram Gamboa is one of the most athletic people I know. Running is his passion. It seems like he was born to run. He finished a lot of marathons and just recently trained for a duathlon and finished it with flying colors too. He is also a member of the prestigious Running Club, Run 365. He said, “My ambition inspires me to do the things I do. My team inspires me to become a great athlete and kept the fire and passion to succeed burning. If you think about it some people aren’t lazy at all. Some just have goals that don’t inspire them. So, let your goals wake you up every morning and if you’re so focused with it you might just have it right before you know it”.


Ram after finishing his duathlon race.

Ram after finishing his duathlon race.


  1. Life ­ I got this answer from a friend and previous colleague of mine, Cathy Darcen. Life inspires her. I was about to ask a follow up question, but I stopped. Because come to think of it, at the end of the day, life is what inspires most people. Does it need more explanation, elaboration, for someone to understand it? I don’t think so. No matter how difficult our situation is, we have to be thankful that we are still alive, we are with our family and friends who inspire us, because not everybody has that privilege. Life is beautiful, life is great, life should inspire us to be better version of ourselves and to achieve our goals. And being inspired in a daily basis thus makes life more meaningful, so be inspired and be an inspiration to others.

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