An Interview with Ehrran Montoya: Young Talented Filipino Artist

 Have you ever thought what do you want to be known for once you leave this world? During my childhood, aside from dreaming to be a doctor, a playwright, and a singer I once dreamt of being a painter. Yes, once upon a time in my life I tried to paint, I find it romantic to paint a portrait of those who are dear to your heart. But when I entered high school, I gave up that dream because I know that I am not going to be successful painter as I lack the skills and talent. I focused on other things that I excel at, that time it was singing so I joined a Choir group.

Up until today, I still want to do many things. I do not want to stop learning new skills as long as I am living. Back in college days I discovered that writing is one of those skills that I am passionate about. I am new with this thing but not like painting, I am much more willing to sacrifice a lot of time developing this passion. In terms of painting, I am more of a fan now. I have a high respect to artists. How I wish I have the gift, but yes, in life, you cannot have it all.

Ehrran Montoya is one of those Filipino artists who have achieved a lot of things that is worthy of recognition. His works are incredible. At his young age, he already accomplished a lot of projects in the art industry. I really admire his humility. Get to know him more with this interview.

Artist Name: Ehrran Montoya

Age: 21

Hails from: Morong, Rizal

Define mural artist: A Mural Artist, for me is someone who expresses his/her creative thoughts on a huge size canvass; someone who does not just paint on walls but an artist who aims to communicate with people using art as a weapon.

Do you remember your first artwork? Can you tell us a brief story about it? I believe every child is an artist and they create art based on their interests and surroundings. At the age of 3, I would create the usual art a child can create like flowers, human stick figures, sun etc. I would also draw Disney princesses and “Ariel” was my first ever artwork. Yes, I consider her as my first artwork because the human stick figures are just doodle practices. The sketch kinda looked like a typical fish sketch with a human body attached to it and it was funny because my confidence level in believing that the sketch i did was really like Ariel, hahaha.

Do you consider being a mural artist as your craft? Yes, because every mural I paint is a part of me.

Other interests: Fashion Design and Photography

What are your advocacies? As an artist I am in the position to create an awareness of the importance of Art to our society; Art is part of our history and culture and it is my right and responsibility as an artist to inspire our fellow citizens to contribute art for the Philippine culture as I believe that a broad education in Art helps give children a better understanding of their world. The Art is an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic; music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.

How long have you been a mural artist? It all started 6 years ago when Lourd Ramos (Asia’s Next Top Model judge, TRESemme and Uniliver Hair Ambassador) collaborated with me to do wall murals for his Salon – Creations By Lourd Ramos. It became easy for me to get clients up to this day because of his high end market.

How much time do you usually spend for every mural? Since most of my wall murals are in Salons and Restaurants, I have to work overnight to avoid people from walking behind me and I don’t want to disturb anyone so I choose to work at night. It depends on the illustration but if it’s a bit minimal I can finished 3 walls in one night; 30 mins for rough pencil sketch, 2-3 hours for rendering and finishing and 5 hours if fully rendered.

Which of your works challenged you the most? My works are usually free hand and the wall mural logo I did for Bottega De Barberia was the most challenging because I really hate measuring, and using rulers is a big No-No for me so I decided to use a tube to create a perfect circle and it’s quite tricky because I need to balance the left and right.

Can you tell us a bit of your drawing technique? I always start from the rough sketch and I would always want to consider the rough lines as part of the artwork. My style is mix dry brush and watercolor strokes.

How do people react on most of your artworks? My artworks are usually rendered in cool and warm tones and they’re really interested with the brush strokes I make.

What are your upcoming projects? I’m planning to create big murals of Filipino beauty queens .

What can you advice to those people who are interested with the same passion? Everyone started as an amateur artist so never give up. Dream big and put your heart in every project you do, things might not work as what you wish but there are more to discover in every failure and that what makes you an effective artist. DO NOT LIMIT yourselves on one side, keep the doors open, do everything you know that you can even if you think you can’t because you can learn from it. Sketching is just a practice, It’s a practice for right proportions, light and shadows, what’s important is your vision and idea as an artist. Be yourself, get out of the box and find your inner style in art because I believe that every artist has their own style. Work hard and be humble!

His Works:  Truly magnificent artworks!

“PRIRODA” Illustration II (Self Portrait) Mixed Media

Fashion Illustration Wall Mural in Creations By Lourd Ramos Salon BGC Branch


Laura Laine Fashion Illustration Wall Mural in Creations By Lourd Ramos Salon Cedar Branch


HQ Cafe and Games Wall Mural: Secret Life of Heroes – Flavorful Treat


Ehrran’s Fashion Sketches

More of his amazing artworks…




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