Airees Rondain, the artist behind aireescreates: Journey to Creative Journaling

Last August 4, 2018 I attended a Creative Journaling workshop conducted by the adorable couple, Love and Dreus Cosio of sketchpadworkshop in collaboration with the wonderful, inspiring and talented Airees of aireescreates.  It was a full circle moment, creating alongside admirable and talented people that are respected in their own fields. At first I was shy when I saw these talented people in that venue but in a short time I felt like  I’m very at home, and I am in my zone again. Armed with inspiration, fresh ideas, new friends and a sense that I officially belong again in the creative field.

Attending the workshop has truly been a life-changing experience for me, not only because I re-discovered my need to create, but because this need led me to realize a lot of important things that really matters to me.

Aside from getting my “me-time” and getting back my motivation of doing what I love to do I am also blessed and grateful that day as I get to know more of Miss Airees Rondain and her colorful inspiring life.

Airees Rondain, the artist behind @aireescreates in IG has been experimenting with handmade paper and painting for years.  She started off creating handmade paper invitations for weddings and events, but after 16 years and international success, she decided to pivot and channel her talents into Aireescreates.  Aireescreates is a paperie and design company that works in collaboration with local artisans in Mindanao, Philippines. Each design was created through a mix of design, chance, and circumstance. By purchasing from this collection, you support Airees in her craft, and also provide livelihood to local artisans in the Philippines.

She’s selling handmade paper products with her own designs beautifully printed on them, products that are created by her, crafted with a purpose, and truly world-class.

Airees and her artisans are committed to sourcing products as sustainably as possible, using responsibly sourced plant fibres to create cruelty-free and vegan leather products.

In addition to creating employment and sourcing responsibly, Airees is a passionate advocate for women empowerment, particularly for survivors of human trafficking. She has run multiple art workshops for human trafficking victims, advocates for art as a form of therapy and healing, and supports the beauty of Filipino products and talents.

CREATIVE JOURNALING by Airees Rondain (@aireescreates)

“Scientific studies have shown that people who practice gratitude sleep better, improved self-esteem, increased mental and physical health and have better relationships, among others. In my years of experience in journaling, whether art journaling or simply writing down to document my day on a journal, it provided a safe space for me to express myself, my thoughts and in the process, I cultivated the attitude of gratitude.” – Airees Rondain

Everyday Journaling Tips (by Airees Rondain (@aireescreates)):

  • Set aside 15-30 minutes, either in the morning or evening, for your journaling time. Consider this as your “ME” time and honor it. Soon, it will be in your system just like taking a bath and you won’t find yourself saying “I don’t have time to journal!”
  • Put together your journal, pens, and other materials in a small caddy or assign a spot for them on your desk so that they are ready anytime you want to journal. You will save  alot of time if they are altogether rather than looking for them all over the place everytime.
  • If life gets in the way and you really cannot journal for the day, stick a Post-It on the journal page and write snippets of the day you want to remember. That way, you won’t forget what you want to journal for that day. You can always go back and catch up with journaling without worrying that you won’t remember the details anymore.
  • DO NOT OVERTHINK! A simple sketch as HIGHLIGHT of the day would do. Remember, we want to journal our day to remeber in the years to come than stressing ourselves with the design.

Some Topics for Everyday Journaling (by Airees Rondain (@aireescreates)):

  • Snippets or highlights of the day in bullet form
  • Food diary
  • Gratitude List
  • Journaling along with a weekly theme for the drawing/artwork (flowers, plants, red, blue, vintage, abstract, doodle,etc.)
  • Bible Verse or Quote of the day

Aside from Everyday Journaling Tips that we learn, we also learn some Art Journaling Tips, Illustrated & Travel Journaling Tips with Travel Journal Ideas. It was really a day full of learning, stories, and inspiration and I am really grateful to join this workshop. It is really worth it!

 Sketchpadworkshops  is a platform for experienced professionals and influencers who want to impart their knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs and budding practitioners.  For more information you can reach them thru their website


Miss Love Cosio, founder of sketchpadworkshop as she briefs us about the workshop.

Miss Airees Rondain (@aireescreates) as she discussed as some of her tips in Everyday Journaling

Airees giving us some tips in using color materials, she’s really one of a kind

Miss Love Cosio as she guides one of the attendees. She’s really nice and accommodating. She never fails to bring warm and positive vibe every time I’m in the same environment with her.

Airees is a very hands-on teacher. I just really love her! I am now a fan!

It was really a fun-filled day for me as I got to learn more about Creative Journaling with the experts and very thankful to met creative and inspiring people as we shared our stories with each other.















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