Ahiru No Sora

Ever since I have watched Slam Dunk I have become a fan of sports themed anime. From Hajime No Ippo to Hungry Heart. But, what I really loved about are those that focused more on basketball given that it is the sport I love. From Slam Dunk then Dear Boys to Kuroko no Basket and now the newly released Ahiru No Sora.

If I were to gauge it I would say it is a combination of Slam Dunk and Dear Boys. Story is about a young high school kid name Sora Kurumatani who loved basketball. He was supported by his mother who was a Japan National player herself but she got sick and focused on teaching and supporting Sora on his dream to be the basketball player he can be. Because of Sora’s height it was never easy for him as he has to compete with taller players but his determination helped him to sharpen his skills to compensate for his lack of height. He is a deadly three point shooter with above average ball handling skills. I do think he was modeled after Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. If you have watched it let me know if you agree or if you see another player with a similar skill set.

Sora entered Kuzuryu High  and tried to join the Boys Basketball club just to find out the school’s Basketball club are no longer interested to play basketball (reminds me of Dear Boys in this part) . The Team Captain Momoharu Hanazono became a delinquent  and so is the rest of the team while his twin brother Chiaki Hanazono, the first person Sora meets, also lost interest in playing basketball.

Sora’s passion towards basketball just can’t be stop so he challenged the basketball team to a 5 on 1 match. Chiaki didn’t want to join so he asked the girls basketball team captain to play in his place.

Sora first showed his dribbling skills spinning twice to get away and then performed a quick duck in to get away from a double team. However, he was hit before he can make a lay-up against the last two (2) defenders. On the next play the Captain of the Boys Basketball team Momoharu and the Captain of the Girls team Madoka decided to double him up. Sora, performing from what it seems to be another duck made the two carefully switch defense, stepping back anticipating a drive.  However, Sora suddenly step back and score a three point shot.

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  1. I’d certainly love to see a decent basketball anime – since Slam Dunk they’ve pretty much ranged from mediocre to awful (and Ahiru’s chief director was at the helm of one of the awful ones, worryingly). Ahiru no Sora has been running for 16 years now, with decent sales, and while even an unusually long run of 4 cours isn’t enough to adapt that much manga, the fact that the manga is ending soon leads me to believe diomedéa is going to try.The competition this season could be stiff, but I always make room for a good sports anime. Hopefully Ahiru no Sora will prove to be just that.

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