Why Whichcraft?

I will tell you a secret!

For a long time, I believed there was nothing I was specifically good at doing.

Yes, I knew I love to read and write, but I didn’t have confidence in my ability to be better than most people at it.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I do have  talents and unique skills. And, it wasn’t until I started using them that I realized how powerful they are to build a career you love.

The question would be: How do you find out what you’re uniquely good at so you can use those skills to earn extra for a living doing what you love or in the future earn not just for extra money?

My first attempts at blogging were very weak. I started back in 2016 with zero experience or direction. I had a very basic website, was blogging without focus, and was using a cheap smartphone for camera (hehe).

At first things were ugly and difficult but I believe that these are necessary for any achievements. I always believe in constant learning.

Maybe not everyone has to experience and take the hard journey as most of the time it is a discouraging road of learning the ropes before you can achieve what actually set out to do, but that’s how it went for me. And, in all honesty, it is hard but I kind of love it.

Sometimes you have to be in the difficult spot,  discouraged about your work and your skills before you gain the determination to make your thing, whatever you may call it, passion, job, or work. As for me, whatever is given, if you are enjoying it and you are loving it, you should always be passionate and give your 100% . If you have given your 100% already but you are not happy, respect your time and find a way to pursue what you really love to do. But do not immediately give up your job especially in today’s economy. You can always find some extra time for the things that you love to do if you are really determined for it.

So, Why Whichcraft?

You have to try different crafts to determine what craft do you enjoy and love the most to!!! What do you love to do? which craft?


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