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Website that talks about passion from different crafts.


Inspire all people to love their craft, and pursue what they love to do.


To be a platform for people to share what they love to do by promoting works/stories/etc., of passionate crafters especially in the Philippines that inspires people who haven’t yet found their own craft/expertise.


  1. Amplify the voices of the people who love their craft, spreading inspiration and positivity around the world.


This site believes that spreading positive information and sharing good thoughts is everyone’s responsibility.  WhichCraftph believes that it is our responsibility to make use of the talents we have as God gave it to us to use it to bless all the people around us and  show everyone the value of  sharing.

WhichCraftPh focuses on the following main categories:

DIY Projects

This category features DIY Projects related articles.

Feel Good Craft

  Your craft can be your profession and your profession can be your craft. This category is more focused on one’s career, to show the readers that we should pursue our passion and be positive about life’s challenges that will bring them to new learning. 

 Pinoy Craft

This category’s goal is to inspire our readers that they should pursue what they really love to do and give them the thought of “social responsibility”.

Craft Madness

This category can include small trivia about out-of-this world jobs. Light stories on out-of-this world purposes and crafts that can include facts about jobs that we don’t know exist, and how it is to serve a purpose that not everyone has the heart of doing.

Moms and Crafts

Empowered moms can do many crafts as they want. Because the aesthetic is already a part of their day-to-day mom responsibilities. Women are very keen on details; hence, moms develop a taste of creativity and resourcefulness at the same time. This is a perfect combination of expressing how life don’t exist without moms and their craft.

Crafts and Adventures

This category features articles that can give people ideas where to go and spend  their “me time” in line with the goals of awakening creativity and enhancing once craft.

 Arts and Crafts

All about activities involving making things with one’s own hands.

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